Extra-terrestrial Homosapien

Today is World UFO Day –  the 2nd of July 2015.

Aliens, who visit our planet off and on, must be feeling alienated by humans who are like strangers to them.  The Kindness of Strangers can really touch our hearts. So if you come across an alien some day, be kind to him/her.
Now that’s a far-fetched imagination but you never know.
In my poem I, as a modern human (alienated human), imagined how it would feel if I am to be an alien (extraterrestrial)  visiting the earth.

3D alien wallpaper

pic source: endofworld

So much talk about aliens
Are they? Are they not?
If I were to be an alien
What would it be like
To descend on earth
To be looked at in awe
To look at in awe

Now too I’m alien, a human-alien
Overlooked and isolated
By humans like me, for being me.
Either idolized and made distant
by some lesser human being
Or victimized unkindly
and rendered insignificant
by some higher human being.

Being humanoid-alien, am too cut-off.
Though I mingle and move in crowds
in my counterfeit cheerful facade
Trying to please the who’s who
and all those hard to please

Please the seniors
Win the friends
Delight the neighbors
Pamper one’s own born
Respect him lest
he ever disrespects me

But as an ‘alien extra-terrestrial’ I will
Beget excitement, wonder and fear
Confuse the alienated robotic scientists
Cause massive stir on earth
Leave my mark or two,  and thereafter
Escape the make-believe human world

Only to keep coming back
the whole year, to my alien heart’s fill
Get to throng remote parts of earth
that no human ever will


© Alka Girdhar  All rights reserved 2015

Cut Off

New Skin

4 thoughts on “Extra-terrestrial Homosapien

  1. Except that as humans, we fear what we don’t understand, so we tend to shoot first and ask questions later. I’m afraid you wouldn’t live through the year unless you were very secretive, which would defeat your purpose. Besides, I like you just as you are! 🙂

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  2. All the points raised by you are very valid : ) so I might think about cancelling my plans and stay as I am. Sleepy time now so will decide tomorrow morning with fresh perspective…to be or not to be


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  4. It is strange that aliens are made to resemble creatures that have been bionically altered to be scarier than they actually are. They share traits with many humans. Some humans are adored; others gawked at; still others venerated for being special. The way they are portrayed they are programmed to obtain results and not interact with their subjects. Keeping a low profile might be the best way to interact with the race but human beings are always fearful of the unknown.The bogey man is needed to keep them in line. 🙂


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