My neglected baby

Today, the Daily Post’s writing prompt “For Posterity.” asked us that if our blog became a viral sensation, which one post would we writers want our new readers to see and remember us by.

If a mother has many children, you can’t ask her which one of the kids she loves the best as she will find it difficult to answer.

Possibly she may say she likes this and this quality in this and this kid and something else in the other.  Thus she likes them all.  But on rare occasions, if there is indeed one performer who is really special or outstanding, or who is say more humane and caring than the rest, she may point that out.

But if there is a kid who has some great qualities and yet that child did not get enough attention or the deserving applause from the world then she may try to promote this weak child.

In my case, my blog at WP is relatively new and has an average quality about it.  It really needs attention and improvement if it has to become a ‘viral sensation’ at some later stage.  My creations too have been very randomly written without any serious motive or effort and so it is difficult to pick one as the best as none of them has caused a huge stir yet.

But one post that was probably not properly understood by the readers is my poem:
Extra-terrestrial Homosapien

The poem had a message that humans have alienated each other so much that given a choice between being a human-alien and the extra-terrestrial alien, the writer would prefer to become the second one.

A lengthy poem that was viewed by many but probably not liked much.  Maybe it is just my own biased feeling as being its creator I like it more than it deserves.

Probably, it needs more work and editing therefore I welcome any suggestions to improve this poem or any other work of mine.

For Posterity

3 thoughts on “My neglected baby

  1. I remember reading the extra-terrestrial poem, but when I tried to access the other one, I get an error message…says oops, we can’t find that one! I really would like to read it…
    As for the first, I understood your message, I just think that, like you experienced with your post, humankind misunderstands and as such, they either ignore it or kill first and ask questions later out of fear. And it’s sad that one would want to be a part of another “civilization” because we are the way we are…

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    • Very well said: “…humankind misunderstands and as such, they either ignore it or kill first and ask questions later out of fear”
      Thanks for this lovely comment.

      You said when you tried to access the other one, it gives an error message. Which one is that? Is it the link on this blog of mine that you are talking about?



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