Over -shadowed

malana girls

Pic source: Self-clicked

The older girl knows that she has to look after her baby sister.  However, her own childhood seems to have been over-shadowed  and strained by her duties as an older sibling

(This sweet picture was taken long time back by my family when trekking near Malana village in Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh India.  The village is remote and isolated, with a very distinct culture and values.   I wanted to know more about the village now so did google search and indeed the village is unique in many ways)

 Alka Girdhar
© All rights reserved 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

A Moment in Time

8 thoughts on “Over-Shadowed

  1. Very creative interpretation of this week’s challenge. I feel sorry for the two of them. At such a young age, life is a struggle. But I hope they learn to lean on one another for support 🙂

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