Loafing around…

Today, I crafted two new words:  Promptaddict and Prompt-Loafer.  

1).  PromptaddictA wannabe writer kind of person who is addicted to waking up early to check the Daily Post at Word Press and eagerly read the daily prompt’s task of the day.

2). Prompt-LoaferSomebody who reads the daily prompt as early as she/he can but delays attempting as much as possible, therefore often responding amongst the very last few, if at all.
Prompt-Shirker is another word for such a drifting lazy bum.

Sentence Usage:
Ever since the writer of this blog became regular at Word Press, she has become a promptaddict.  But being in Sydney, she sees the prompt much later than other promptaddicts do, hence she is unable to take it seriously and has become more of a prompt-loafer.

Etymology, the origins:  Of course these two terms have been coined by the writer of this blog. The two terms are composed of two separate English words, each word being of Latin origin.

Promptaddict:   Prompt + Addict

Prompt-Loafer:  Prompt+Loafer (or Shirker)

So, these two were my newly-coined words while responding to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Play Lexicographer.”, as I got too carried away and instead became a Lexicosmith.  That’s another new word.

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