Turnover a New Leaf

today’s first thoughts (are) 
stale left-overs from yesterday

unresolved balance of
good and bad carried forward

old murky baggage
wrapped in laundered fresh cover

cryptic dark dreams
radiating with rays of fresh hopes

surviving life one day at a time
with this daily dose of hope


(In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Light.” and Hope)

6 thoughts on “Turnover a New Leaf

  1. Thanks Prakash!!
    Actually, the term ‘carried forward’ is from accounting/bookkeeping. The calculated total amount on the previous page is used as the beginning amount on a brand new page or in new account.
    Thus, in a way, even this new page is not really new. It begins with the sorted sum total of previous assets and liabilities (hisaab-kitaab).
    Our day also begins with previous day’s left-over thoughts but guised in rays of new hope and enthusiasm.


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