All About Walls

 Walls – good and bad 

walls not good
ones that grow
amid friends
never fall down
friendships drown

low wall not bad
amid two houses
a place for tete-a-tete
builds friendship
as strong as high wall

high wall not good
between neighbours
icy-cold hearts
stony dead silence
such walls develop ears

‘wall-to-wall’ walls not bad
such walls build houses
if hearts build a home
without house no home
hug such Wall to Wall walls

 strong walls of a house
keep inmates warm
and secure, weak walls
of a house soon come down
till the home drowns

shaky walls of an old house
broken and mouldy
such walls weep and such
walls speak, tell sad tales of a
home that once was


This poem was also published at Poetree Creations web-site:


© All rights reserved by 2015

Wall to Wall

9 thoughts on “All About Walls

  1. I really like this poem. Walls are just walls it is the people inside that make them a home so Good walls are strong and bad Walls need work from inside or they rot.

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    • Thanks for liking this poem and your perfect interpretation.
      I wrote this poem very impulsively after the prompt and it is my favorite too, the way it turned out. But somehow I feel not everyone would have understood it completely. Like…high walls develop ears…because not enough warm communication and sharing between neighbors may result in either unintentional spying or deliberate over-hearing across the high wall. That’s because people have a need to communicate.

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