Ornate Symmetrical Spirits

The set of pictures below show how ornate places of worship and spiritualism imbibe symmetry in their structure so as to create harmony, peace and an environment suitable for meditation and prayers.
Religious people know very well that human life is short-lived but these stony structures will exist for a longer time.
(these pictures were cited via google search)

The first picture:  Lotus Temple (Bahai religion) at Delhi, India


                                                 Lotus Temple at Delhi, India

Next four pictures:  Church of Hallgrimurat Reykjavik in Iceland. The church has symmetry in its minimalist expressionist architecture. 


Pic source: Architravel

(Reykjav?k, Capital Region, Iceland)

Pic source: Panoranio


The last two picturesSomnath Temple in Gujrat, India.  Very ancient temple with a long history of survival against all odds.

somnath 1

Somnath Temple, India: pic source bhatibhav


                                 Somnath temple: pic bhaktibhav

See world’s most beautiful symmetrical mosques here
Also, Buddhist temples in Bangkok mentioned at travel.cnn 
Of course, there are many other temples, churches, mosques, pagodas renowned for their symmetrical architecture. Places like Golden Temple (Sikhism), Golden Temple (Bangkok) and many other the world over.


My first entry Symmetrical Minds for the weekly photo challenge Symmetry showed a picture depicting impact of perfect symmetry at a place of education

My second entry for the challenge Symmetrical Luxury had pictures taken by us at a place of luxury abode.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry and Ornate

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