Save local – Help global

Fasting once a week, helps us
live longer, the wise say thus.

Fasting once a week, I attain
will-power and restraint,
learn to relate to the poor
living the deprivations they’re
compelled to live, each day forever.

Meager resources thus saved
go a slow long way, to reach
where needed the utmost
To the poorer and the hungrier
than I can ever be. My small
token of love, an effort to reduce
the poverty of the universe.  

The day I fast, I do not drive
But hop a train and calmly enjoy
Plus save the air, and celebrate
my own World Pollution-Free Day!!  


pic source: geekshine

Header pic of poor kids: cameconomist


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Think Global, Act Local.”

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