Sun, Space and Verdure

There is one question that a migrant to a new country, esp. a western country, gets asked very often, “Where do you come from?”

Of course the intention is to define the personality of that person and attribute certain traits typical of their race and native land. Otherwise people are curious about what memories and what local experience we carry about the place where we come from…

But…where do I come from?  If a person spends more than 20 years at one place and then another twenty at another place, interspersed with months here and there, then the whole concept of belonging gets lost.

And yet, even migratory birds are born in a particular nest and if they could remember, they would also say, “That is my home nest”. So the fact remains that, having been born and brought up in Chandigarh, that is pretty much ‘where I come from’, I suppose.

Located near India’s capital Delhi, my home-town Chandigarh is a beautiful city in northern India. It is referred to as ‘The City Beautiful and its original motto was ‘Sun, Space and Verdure’.  Verdure means greenery.

In comparison, Sydney where I have now lived for the last two decades, is also very much about sun, space and verdure. And blue skies. But Sydney is also about expansive beaches.

Both these cities are beautiful. How did this happen to me? God’s been kind. They are actually beautiful cities, not because I like them.

So there you go. This itself is a speciality of Chandigarh City – the abundance of open space and greenery. Other than that, it is this city’s high literacy level that defines the city rather than the heavy industries, business, film industry or movie stars. A huge number of Chandigarhians are from the public services, administration or education.


Such roundabouts are spread all over Chandigarh


Women on two-wheelers, a common local sight. I used to be one such.                   pic credit : discoveredindia

Thus one feature worth mentioning in Chandigarh’s travel guide would be that there are well planned big and small gardens throughout the city.

Zakir Rose Garden is one of them. It is Asia’s largest Rose garden with more than 1500 different species of roses. An annual rose festival is held here with cultural shows. Growing up in Chandigarh, in a family of seven, we siblings and our parents, our weekends were often spent packing our meals and going for a picnic in one of the gardens and parks, Rose Garden predominantly one of them.

Rose Garden, Chandigarh

Rose Garden, Chandigarh – India,  Pic credit: scorpion

Another not to be missed local feature of Chandigarh is Rock Garden which is innovative and unique in its craftsmanship of objects that were totally assembled from waste material and useless things thrown away by people. The garden has lined or grouped figures and dummies that are made of scrap, broken glass, bangles, ceramic cutlery and other waste. There are miniature water-falls inside to add to the beauty.

As I see it, the concept of Rock Garden proves that, if we want to, we can create something beautiful even out of scrap, the leftovers. Or should I say crap. That our life might have once been full of broken pieces of scrappy incomplete experiences, but it is up to us to make it meaningful by uniting and compiling these fragmented bits and shaping them into a complete beautiful whole. Now that was excessive!

Situated near this Rock Garden, we have Sukhna Lake, a man-made vast lake amidst the abundance of fine nature. It has nice eateries, fun elements for kids and then there are water sports like yachting and water skiing and so forth. There are birds all around seen from far and near.

Sukhna Lake is a place where you are bound to feel great – whether you come early in the morning when it is quiet and natural or during the day with chirpy lively crowds around or else at night when it is well-lit and sparkling.  I must add, that this is a favourite outing spot for locals of all age-groups. My own childhood and early youth days were spent walking up to Sukhna Lake, jogging there and then walking back home.

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake. Pic: self-clicked

Thus Chandigarh is similar to my current home Sydney in its gardens and greenery but it is different to Sydney, the ‘city of beaches’ for another reason.  Chandigarh is at the foothills of mountain ranges called Shivaliks. As one enters the city, one can see the far off mountains.

I remember, when I was a girl, standing outside our house I could see the far-off mountains that were sometimes hazy and over-shadowed by clouds but often bedecked by star-like twinkling lights. Being a dreamer, I used to be extremely charmed by the view and would specially go out at night to see if the far-off lights were bright or not as the view changed each day. Those days, the mountains seemed very far away so I used to wonder – ‘Who are the people who live there?’.

So travelers if you ever plan to visit Chandigarh, you can have these mountains on your travelling list. Go to these hills and do find out who are the people who live there.  I haven’t discovered this till now as nowadays I do not visit Chandigarh very often, what with my hectic schedule I don’t even get time to know (again) all the people within my close families, many of whom, esp. the elderly, have left this world without saying their last goodbye to me.

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. Most pictures self-clicked
Rock garden: whatagreenlife

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

13 thoughts on “Sun, Space and Verdure

  1. Beautiful pics you are lucky to have such beautiful vista to gaze upon. When i look up at the twinkling stars at night i will think of your beautiful vistas so far away from snowy cold canada

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And where are those mountains actually- I ask because I love mountains myself and when I travel through them, I always wonder about who lives there.
    Great writing but in a way it makes me sad that though you are from Sydney perhaps your heart still throbs for your homeland. But it is good in another way too- that you are a global citizen and are able to call any place in the world your home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • These Shivalik mountains are in lower Himalayas, there are hills such as Kasauli, Morni Hills, Solan, Shimla. If you search the net you can see and enjoy their pictures. Yes, strange people live in such lonely mountains but they seem to be happy where they are.
      Indeed, with such solemn ramblings I end up giving an impression of being nostalgic. This prompt was about ‘where you come from’ : ) so I assumed this was about home-town. But generally…don’t we always miss what is missing and far away, and not what we have?
      I am from Sydney now, it is home and you are right about global citizenship.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!! That I have. I realised this fact even more while attempting this prompt. But that does not mean I don’t like the (seemingly) less-beautiful places. I believe, every city/town/place has its own peculiar charm and character.


  3. Thanks!! Yes I have. I realised this fact even more while attempting this prompt. But that doesn’t mean I do not like less-beautiful places. Moreover, every city/town/place has its own charm.


  4. Hi Alka

    This is nostalgia at its best! I like the amalgamation of all kinds of memories, some of them as precious as just gazing at the mountains and wondering. Chandigarh was more beautiful than it is now, the old charm of big bungalows and less vehicles is a long lost memory, with Mohali on one side and Panchcula on the other, the beautiful city we knew as youngsters is struggling for its lost glory. It is good you have carried along the best of times when two-wheelers were such an adventure!


    • Thanks Balroop! Something still calls me to those mountains. It would do me good if I could spend some time in Kasauli as did Rudyard Kipling. That way, I feel nostalgic about some places in Sydney too, the ones that I visited just after migrating here but never went back to again.

      I feel Chandigarh is still beautiful. Indeed wearing rose-tinted glasses we end up glorifying the people and places that we love. Of course it’s now more commercialized due to rising population, and then the mall culture, high-rise buildings and IT parks…but all that is a sign of progressive society, well as per capitalism 🙂
      Indeed, driving around town on scooters was such fun, with more than one female friend sitting on the hind seat, just to bug the cops who always caught us only to let us go…taking pity on us females. Never got punished so am naughty till now 🙂

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