Stages of Me

My poem in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:  ‘Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.’


Stages Of Me

It has to be ‘Me”
I’m the subject, that
I know the most (est)
and the best (est)

A little girl in print frock
sits on a floor, legs sprawled
head bent, busy doing something
her doll’s on the floor.
She’s looking at the camera
that’s in her dad’s hand
her sideways glance, coy smile
wide-eyed and amused
she looks a happy child.

A young girl in Indian dress
sitting intent and serious
attending her college class
a book on her desk, she’s
looking at the teacher.
A big girl she is, but
demure and petite
like a child, and yet
looks wise and serene
as a grown-up should be.

A woman in khaki cargo
and funky teenager tee
looks bored and listless
thus sitting under a tree
outside a coffee shop.
Almost middle-aged but
regressive and semi-young
as if saying, getting
old is something
not meant for Me

These were three pictures
on a known familiar ‘subject’.
But known she can never be
for she is a subject untackled
a queer enigma that she is.


2 thoughts on “Stages of Me

    • Thank you Donna! Much appreciated.
      I interpreted that we are not supposed to put actual pictures but describe them so as to make readers visualise it all. In any case, these would have been personal pictures so wasn’t sure…

      Liked by 1 person

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