Sayonara! Alvida!!

After reading my below article, some people thought Word Press is closing down. Please read it till the very end…

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Sayonara! Alvida!!

I can’t believe it’s over
The game’s over.
I thought it will go on forever.
But all good and bad things
come to an end
Nothing’s forever.

It seems like yesterday I joined Word Press and met you all lovely people here.  Now it will soon be as if we didn’t meet at all.  From nothing to nothing we go.  The faces will remain etched forever in my mind and heart.

But what faces? I mean the thumbnails.  Thumbnails of some real faces while others the sepia-coloured or pencil-sketched quaint images of half-hidden faces that hardly look like humans. Memories of pseudo-images in this internet era, the avatars we adorn to stand out a bit in this vast pool of blogosphere.  Think of it.  How many of you will remember my green image with a silly smile?  You would prefer to forget it sooner rather than later. Someone who neither knew how to put a good Gravatar nor how to write any sensible stuff.

If not images, then I will remember your names, but real names were disclosed only by a few of you, so the pseudonyms will go down the memory bank.  At some later stage, I may use some of your cryptic-sounding pseudonyms as my ‘strongest’ password for one of my online accounts.

Neither face nor names, it is your writings that will remain a true memory. Words never get lost. They linger on in our mind long after we have read/heard them. And that is why Word Press had become an essential part of my life within these three months. Your encouraging comments brought out the writer and poetess in me. Hence, I will miss Word Press.

Moreover, we miss those things that are snatched from us suddenly and forcibly. In school days or during higher education, when we were told to write assignments or forced to write essays with deadlines, we didn’t have much fondness or enthusiasm. More often than not, writing and reading felt like a chore.

But here at Word Press, I wait for the Daily Prompt every day as if my life depends on it and I have to fill my veins with the life-blood coming out of Word Press pipes. For me, it is midnight and just look at my addiction!!  I wait for the bell to go 12 am, and ding-dong…soon the prompt appears.  Sometimes I read it casually and again go off to sleep. I dare not attempt it immediately because I know if I attempt it at midnight, I write very average, non-Freshly-Pressed-able posts day after day after day.  Not that if I write during the day, I will write like a genius and create miracles. But still.

In any case, what’s the point thinking about it now when it’s time to pack my bags before the shutters come down.

So what did I learn in these three months? Honestly, I arrived here by chance. I didn’t know much about what it means by the term ‘blogging‘.  Actually, till now I don’t know, as I mistake it for what we always called ‘writing’.

And yet, after blogging for a few days, even a person with average intelligence like me can tell that for some cool people, blogging is hip and sophisticated, with airs about it. It makes them feel almost like a celebrity. Blogging can also be funky as people like me talk about nonsensical personal things which other free people read, only to forget it all the next day. But the best part is, this personal blogging can be curative and healing, almost like a therapy. It has been so for me, so hey everyone, thanks!!

Writing, in comparison, is probably more of serious stuff, maybe a bit boring but something meant to leave a deeper impact. At the time of joining, I knew a bit about writing but blogging I knew nothing about. Here I learnt a lot of new terminology related to these two but could have done better than this. Deserve this because I didn’t enroll for Blogging University, always wrote on my own. But then maybe I’m not aware how much I learnt even without joining this university. In any case, thanks to Photo Challenges, I did become a photographer, albeit still a mediocre one.

Also, I did learn about site-management in these three months. But what management? Again not as much as I wanted to because I kept looking at themes and themes, and did a PhD in themes. Maybe when I have finally absorbed this hard fact that Word Press is truly gone, and after I have overcome the initial shock of the demise of my first ever website…then I can become an adviser of some sorts, guiding newbies about Word Press type themes, the names of which I know by heart now. I could very well be a ‘Theme Engineer’ at Word Press but then its closing down. So I will provide free service outside of Word Press. Voluntary work gives inner satisfaction.  If ultimate aim of blogging/writing is happiness, then life can still be made meaningful and happy, with or without a blogging site.

The name of my free theme-institute will also be ‘Magnanimous Word’.  This high-sounding title was probably not even liked by most people. As one reader commented that not everyone knows what this word means. But if I couldn’t find a better title for all these months, then I suppose it was meant to be with me.  So for memory’s sake, I will leave it as it is.  Let the name continue, let the legacy live on.

Ok folks!!!  Time to say good-bye.Goodbye (1) God bless you all!! Look after your families – your husbands, wives, kids and pets – I know the names of many just as I know of my next door neighbor’s. Keep spreading love and happiness. These are my Last Words.

(Sayonara is goodbye in Japanese
Alvida is goodbye in Hindi)


The article was in response to The Daily Prompt: Last Words  “You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever.” Write it.

Image Credit: mariashriver

No offense was meant towards anyone by this rant

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