In one of my previous posts Sayonara, I had mentioned about how at one stage Word Press themes had me going crazy.

Indeed, selecting the right Word Press theme had been Goldilocks experience for me.
Three months ago, this is how I had felt and had written the below poem to convey my tension with themes:

Themes Galore

I know how to live my life, often
don’t know how to manage my life

I know how to write, often
don’t know how to manage my site

these WP themes, oh so many of them
they all pull me from all sides

they all jostle and beg for attention
they all concoct to drive me crazy

it’s not poverty that I suffer from
but embarrassment of such riches

like in life, so on our website
too many choices give (theme-o-) mania

so help me decide, the header
and the theme, if you can please!!  


But of course, I had resolved this issue by just letting it be, as it is.

My current theme though not the very best, serves my purpose as each post opens up in a separate spacious show page with no widgets.  That’s the feature I like.  I gradually accepted my simple site and focused on the content.  Acceptance and patience is the key.
Am sure this very knowledge about themes will be helpful at some later stage.
As Bhagwat Geeta, an inspirational text, says:  “There is nothing lost or wasted in this life.”

Last Words

8 thoughts on “Theme-o-Mania

  1. I feel the same way – the other annoying thing is if you have widgets you have to set them back into place and on explorer it takes a while to do this. 😦 So changing themes is fine – but I’ve tried maybe 4 other themes and the widget set back up is a real pain.
    I like my theme. You’re is nice too – what city is that cruise ship in front of? 😉
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    • You are so right about the widgets. I too tried a few themes initially but not doing that any more as it involves the whole setup.
      Better way is to go to the Dashboard in WP Admin. Then under Appearance dropdown Menu, select Themes (and not Theme Options). The themes are then displayed so that we can have a preview of how our site will look with a particular theme. But again, it is just a preview. Actual set up and options can be known only after trying it fully.
      Your site is nice. Thanks for liking my theme. This header is in Sydney City area at Darling Harbour. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Australia? 🙂 Yeah – I agree with you on the themes. I’m paying for mine too so I don’t know how that would work if I switched. 🙂


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