Animal Instincts



some days are beasts
wild and untamed
others tame, slow as snail

(Indeed, we all can feel that some days are so slow that we either we do not know how to pass our time or we have the power to positively tame the hours and minutes to do what we want to do.   In contrast, busy days make us run haywire, tight in schedule and no time in hand.)


serial-killer he is
saint by the day
at night a beast

(Often darkness is associated with bringing out low animalistic instincts in humans. We all have heard of such serial-killers and criminals who work by the night. During the day no one suspects them.)

My two haikus were in response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku challenge.  This weekly challenge provides us with some words that are to be used by us when writing a haiku.

Not my best attempt this time as I forgot about it but tried.

3 thoughts on “Animal Instincts

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