My Writer Dad

My dad was not
some literary genius
but writer sure he was.

He brought me up
till my life’s first half
after which he was gone.

If he could now write
my whole life for me
truly this will bless me.

Till he was alive
he knew me more, than
I could ever know me.

Rest of my bumpy ride
he didn’t get to see
he’ll write, he’ll know me.

He’ll write and review
if his dear daughter lived
well, or covertly died

Which of his dreams
she fully fulfilled
which others she tried

A daughter will know
her lost dad a bit more
this life had cruelly denied


Your Life, the Book

Also, it was my second response to The Daily Prompt: Ghostwriter
“If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?”

In my first poem I had invoked Shakespeare to write my Life-story:  Request Denied

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