Request Denied

My poem in response to The Daily prompt: Ghostwriter
If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?


For e-book of my life-story
I invoked, the one and only
legendary Sir Shakespeare.

He looked at me to assess
then refused my request.
Thus he spoke and justified

Brown Lady!!  I do love personae
with some tragic flaw, but
dost not thou have too many?

I looked up at him and appealed.
Life’s been a comedy of errors
dost it not appeal you, Sir?

The Bard let out a hearty laugh
looked fondly, but lo and behold
he vanished without a response.

Bewildered I was but my guess
the idea of e-book daunted him
for he had no internet access.


Why Brown Lady? That’s because Shakespeare had never seen an Indian woman before.
But Sheakespeare had his mysterious Dark Lady as mentioned in his Dark Lady Sonnets


Your Life, the Book

Picture credit: fast

© All rights reserved by 2015


3 thoughts on “Request Denied

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