Faithless Interview

Bewildered that I was
which fictional character
apt for the Interview?

My atheist son
came from nowhere
thus resolved my issue…

What’s the confusion?
Open a religious book
characters there are many

Geeta, Bible, Quraan, all
Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, all
pick one, pick any.

The heroes of these stories
want you faithfuls to love
you became each other’s enemy??


I don’t endorse
all of his views
I believe in One and all

As usual I snubbed him
At times, pictures work
when all verbal logic falls


Are these unborn atheists also fictional?


I previously had a similar argument with this wannabe physicist/scientist.
Please read  Agree to Disagree.

The above poem was in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: The Interview
“Interview your favorite fictional character.


Picture source: baby

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

3 thoughts on “Faithless Interview

    • Thanks for liking it. Indeed God is like a mom to unborn babies, she does exist even if they haven’t seen her.

      And I feel, deep in their heart some of the atheists do believe there might be some power/force but they’re not sure as yet, and their scientific and rational mind doesn’t want to believe till it is proven.

      That way we believers are also never too sure, esp. when things go wrong without our fault, but still it suits us to believe 🙂
      Thus the difference is in the degree of faith, ours is often blind faith though sometimes proven too.

      Thanks for reading!


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