God!!…Keep Me Afloat…

These are the pictures I took as I saw an airship hovering over my house, in the skies above.

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The airship had a business name on it: Appliances Online.  I wasn’t sure my camera will capture the name but it did. The airship kept moving around and changed angles.

Nothing unusual about it, right?  These are not an unusual sight except that I kept calling it a ‘float’.  Later in the day I was corrected by my somewhat amused son who said these are called airships. Now was it that funny?  Don’t they just float around?

I did more research on the term ‘airship’. And bingo…these are also called zeppelin and blimps. I’m sure my sonny doesn’t know this much.

I will now try writing a poem on these cute egg-shaped floats…errr blimps…

To keep their business afloat
the tycoons float in the air
their airships and floats
that float round and round.
But what a sight and spectacle for
awe-struck people on the ground.

How does it feel to have a short ride on one of these, just go around the city. One day we may have one such means of commuting/transportation.

A search on Mr Google provided a page from Sydney Morning Herald that has information on the workings of this particular float, I mean blimp. See how they work plus enjoy a musical song on blimps.
Have a look:    blimp my ride


That was my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

7 thoughts on “God!!…Keep Me Afloat…

  1. We call them Blimps here in the Midwest, but I have heard then called Zeppelins (get it? Led Zeppelin….they had one on the cover of one of their albums).

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      • here is what I found at the rolling stone magazine:

        THE BACKSTORY: In May 1966, Moon and Who bassist John Entwistle recorded the instrumental “Beck’s Bolero” with Page, John Paul Jones and Jeff Beck. The track came out well, and they tossed around the idea of forming a new band. Moon allegedly said the band would go over like a lead balloon. Page remembered the joke two years later when he created Zep.

        THE TRUTH: Accounts differ; for decades Entwistle claimed it was he, not Moon, who made the “lead balloon” crack. But history seems to favor Moon’s version.

        …and now we both know! 🙂

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        • That’s a nice account 🙂 Indeed as it always happens, at the formative stage of any new thing, no one cares. But once it becomes popular beyond expectations everyone claims their greater share and role/say in it.

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    • Thanks Aneesha for nominating me for Leibster Award!! It’s an honor.
      I’ve been very lazy till now and I have not answered the questions that were a part of previous four awards that have been conferred on me. Yours is 5th. I will start the process soon.
      Much love and blessings!


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