Refract My Colors…

Light dispersion illustration.

Poem:  Refract My Colors


I have been…

pure as White
colorless and blanched

If you

become my prism
refract my inner colours

I will

colour your world
to be your spectrum


Till now I’ve been…

austere as Orange
prim and pristine

If you scatter my being
I will be …

bright as Yellow
passionate as Red
royal as Violet
sincere as Indigo


If you like anyone
more than me, I’ll go…

Green with envy
Red with rage

If you tell me
you love me, I’ll be…

calm as Blue
warm as Orange

But let me be sometimes…

mysterious as Black
dark and alluring

And sometimes be…

White (again)
lustrous and radiating this time


With all my hues
thus absorbed in you
you’ll be…

powerful as Black
Happy and Complete!!!


You then…

spread my colors around
to brighten some washed-out lives!


© 2015 Alka Girdhar

**** ****


At the time I wrote my above poem ‘Refract My Colors‘, I was going through a bad day. I had got sudden news that an elderly person in my family was going to be operated within an hour. It was a very tense half-day.

What happened then. Well, I prayed for some time. Also, to stop myself from thinking too much about this risky operation, I put on the TV and switched channels.

I was not in a mood for sentimental soap operas or dry news stories about politicians or crime. So I sat there watching Fashion TV.  FTV is one place where, at least for some time, we can indulge in fine sensual experience without any emotions. I stayed there.

During that hour, the designer was promoting his colorful collection in Milan Fashion Week. I took some pictures straightway – yes I clicked at the TV.  Of course the models on the ramp were moving so the blur shows in some pictures. But vivid colors they are – the black and white of the background, along with the dresses, caps and bags depicting the whole spectrum of colors..

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This vivid and cheerful ramp show on Fashion TV colored my world during my sensitive and anxious phase.

Similar is the influence of a rainbow and the colors in our garden. The clothes that we wear, not only help us in our own moods but also that of others around us.  And after absorbing the moods of these colors, we spread this happiness or unhappiness around.

**** ****

I wrote the above poem in response to the writing prompt:  Roy G. Biv

“Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.”.

Header Pic source:  Spectrum by GrandMaster-J5 deviant
Prism Image source


© 2015 Alka Girdhar

10 thoughts on “Refract My Colors…

    • Thanks Balroop! Yes, they look like Holi colors as they are pure bright and not light or pastel shades 🙂

      Not too sure about my brightness shining 🙂 But of course after writing some serious poems just before this colorful one, it felt like a pleasant change. For these daily prompts, I just write whatever comes to my mind and later myself fascinated by the outcome.

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