Types of Tatters

Tattered Women

Two women in tatters
One for the want of needed clothes
Other wants tattered clothes.

Ripped jeans are in vogue. Those peek-a-boo type that reveal just a little to create the desired effect (or so the wearer thinks). The concept is that of straying away from perfection, to look rustic yet glamorous. Rubbed and smudged smokey eyes instead of perfectly lined eyeliner, tousled unruly hair instead of a prim bob or perfect blunt. All this teamed with torn jeans or tees. And still not look like a beggar. Now that’s creativity!!

Compare this to a poor girl/woman. Someone who wears clothes with a sole purpose of covering herself because she has to – so as to protect her body from weather. She can’t afford good clothes, she wears the same few clothes over and over till they start to look torn and tattered. No glamour, no creativity there.

So. It makes sense if all the fashionistas donate their unused clothes as much as they can, esp. the ones that are like-new but not in use any more, for they are, as women say ‘no more in vogue’. After all, what’s the point of holding on to them if they have already been deemed out-of-fashion by our snooty branded friends and relatives, isn’t it? Give them away and let some poor woman wear a complete and whole untattered dress, which she can proudly call her own.

~~ ~~

That was my Haiku for this week’s Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 41.
The poem was composed using two words that were given to us: want  & tatter

My above Haiku poem was awarded with A Ronovan Writes Serious Haiku Choice


These compliments were also showered along with the award:
“Alka Girdhar
of Magnanimous WordTypes of Tatters. A very good subject this week. In truth the best subject matter yet. @girally



Picture Credit: pixabay pinterest
Copyright © 2015 Written by Alka Girdhar ~ All rights reserved

15 thoughts on “Types of Tatters

  1. Well that speaks volumes. I’m not one for fashion statements, and wear something until it is unwearable. Here we give our unwanted cloths to the needy all the time, although when I’m through with mine I don’t know who would want them. Then we get ladies who fix the old cloths up again. …. so yea. But I get what you are saying here. Awesome post.

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    • Thanks Serins! I loved your comments. I can very well relate to all that you wrote as I myself have been like that. Find it hard to indulge lavishly. Moreover often people get attached to their favorite possessions and find it difficult to part with them. Maybe a middle path would be to enjoy and indulge in good food/fashion off and on but also share with others 🙂

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    • Thanks Edwina! As long as the message was conveyed 🙂 Ironically, at the time of writing, Nepal earthquake had not occurred yet. Today I saw many such appeals for clothing donations and I thought of my Haiku poem. Thanks again!


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