For Love That Lasts…

It matters not that
somebody is your First Love.
Last Love lasts forever.

So much has been said about First Love. Movies and romantic songs, both in Hollywood and my native India over-exaggerate the importance of it.

Love is not first or last. It has to be true. Now, the definition of true is different for everyone.

I said ‘Last love lasts forever’.  Think of it.  If your ‘first love’ didn’t even survive long and if it gave way to many other men/women, then was it actually love or something else? Infatuation? Attraction?

Agree, circumstances also play their role in making one lose their first love. But if you broke off due to personal differences, then chances are he/she wasn’t your true love. Maybe first love, if you insist on saying that. But not true love.

Possibly you did end up marrying your first love. But do you feel like being totally sincere to this person whom you claim to be you true love? If not, and if you habitually look here and there, if you’re constantly charmed by one and all, then it is not love at all as you are still searching. No unique love story this with the one you married. By chance you got to know that person and started living with him/her.

Another possibility is that your first love was indeed your true love and is also your last. You have always been mutually sincere and are still together. In this case too even though it was your first love, isn’t it also your last love?

That is why…in any case, only last love matters. The one who waits for you, the one who never leaves you, the one who is with you now and will continue till your last, that is your last love.

It’s no rocket science
Which is true love which is not
The one that lasts is love

And yet above all as somebody said “Our first and last love is self-love”

© Alka

My above descriptive Haiku poems were written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge – 42. The two words provided to us were:  Love & Last.

29 thoughts on “For Love That Lasts…

  1. Wow; what a wonderful piece, it kept me interested and enjoying it from one word to the next, and being dyslectic I often struggle with long pieces of prose, loved the Haiku, I never thought of it this way, but think it is correct. Thanks for following my blog, best wishes and blessings Charles.

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    • Thanks Charles for your appreciation and for enjoying the Haiku!
      Dyslexia – am sure it makes things difficult at times. Yes we all have health problems in one way or the other, and we cope by counting our blessings so as to live on, don’t we?
      All the best to you too!


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      • Hi Alka, yes I’m sure we all have our problems, which we find our way round, but I pointed out mine more from a point of view to show how much I had enjoyed it, if it were not so good I would have just deleted it. I actually think that being dyslectic has made me the person that I am, and to be able to use my imagination and creativity to produce poetry and other works, that people can enjoy, and maybe even work from. Thinking of love, it seems to me that there are many types of love, but we normally use it from the point of view of a partner, or love of God. One might however love a work of art, or love ones work. Sometimes when we like something, perhaps if we liked it enough we could love it. So I love this blog of yours. 🙂 Charles.

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        • Thanks so much for your kind words. You are absolutely right. Any problem, physical or emotional, makes us stronger in other ways. When we go weak in one area, we improve in other faculties. If suppose my right hand is injured, my left one takes charge. I’ve seen people painting with their feet.
          Of course one should rise above general obsession of looking for love only in one’s partner. We come alone and go alone. Hence, our love for God and love for our work/art is greater and supreme.
          And as you said, liking can change into love. In fact, liking is better than love in many ways. One can like many things/people without going crazy.

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          • Hi Alka, yes, in fact liking can help one go deeper into what ever it is that you are liking and loving, but I think also we perhaps have made the word love have a narrower meaning and feeling than it needs to, some people seem to use like and love as interchangeable, but I feel they are different. I injured my left hand, and became right handed, and now am in a possition that I can use either hand for most everything! 🙂 Charles.

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  3. Dear Alka!
    What a beautiful coining of those three words.
    The more you think of it, the more you come to know.
    The more you come to know, the more truth of the relationship is revealed.
    The more truth is revealed, the more you start loving.
    So let LOVE prevail all over.

    Please let me know something about Haiku.
    “Our First and Last love is Self Love”
    Volumes could be written on this.
    I would only finish by saying:
    “In that SELF everybody and everything LASTS”

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