Very Freshly Unpressed…

I forgive ‘them’
For not Freshly Pressing
My original posts ever.

Every post of mine
Shining super star
Goes Freshly Unpressed

God! Forgive them
For they know not
What they’re missing!

God!  Get them
To know me better.
Help me forget their sins.


Can you all relate to that?  It was all in good humor. Of course it’s not (completely) true. We are amateur bloggers with mediocre and unexceptional blogging skills. It’s been a few months of learning experience and lots to learn as we go.

To the prompt now. Actually I sensed that some of you had already written what I wanted to write about this prompt – Forgive and Forget?.  All my usual solemn stuff, about life lessons learnt etc etc.  So I laughed it away, trying to make the Happiness Engineers feel guilty 🙂

Of course most lives are full of instances where we have to forgive our own people, or the people we love the most, for things that these people should not have done because they are ‘our own people’. That’s the very reason this question of forgiveness arises in the first place. But we need these people.
We often try to forgive all those we need in our life and cannot do without. We forget all others.

Karma takes care of everything – read my poem


9 thoughts on “Very Freshly Unpressed…

  1. Hi Alka,

    Love this poem, which says a lot just with few words! Yes forgiveness emancipates us from the compulsion of detesting the person who has wronged us or continues to do so. It shows us a new light, opens all those windows of communication, which we tend to slam shut by refusing to interact.

    I have tried to study who are freshly pressed and have found that it has nothing to do with the quality of content. Probably it is determined by the number of likes pressed on the post.

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    • Thanks Balroop! I write whatever I feel like 🙂 Humorous way of looking at things.

      In general, Freshly Pressed posts are supposed to have content with distinct angle or some unique experience, something not already found on the net. I didn’t know much about FP till recently but after reading a few posts I felt most of the posts are good, some very unique too but many of them are ordinary. I have nothing against their system as such. But at the same time, there are bound to be great posts that go unnoticed.

      You are right about forgiveness. Besides our own emancipation, it is large-heartedness to be able to forgive because people make mistakes and we should not judge. Moreover, at times it doesn’t work to hold a grudge. Say if someone from our extended family has wronged us in a manipulative way but being the same family there is no escape. Family gatherings are unavoidable. That’s where it’s better to forgive but at the same time be careful and cautious.

      Thanks for sharing your views!


  2. So sweet Alka 🙂 I think it is the case with most of us. We look forward to likes to our posts just like a little child looks for stars drawn on his hand by his teacher. The day my post gets ‘freshly pressed’, I think I’ll jump with joy and throw a party..till then keep blogging 🙂

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    • It’s true Mamta that we’re like kids who look for approval, esp. if we are deserving. That said, I feel we’re more or less beginners in blogging though we’ve been writers ever since we were born 🙂 So patience is the key. Sometimes, some of our articles have a strong message which can benefit many people if they read it. That’s where Freshly Pressed will be handy. Another way is to build a huge list of followers based on our own efforts in networking, but this is a lengthy tedious process.

      In general, I am happy with the likes 🙂
      Honestly speaking, I wrote the poem spontaneously but also hesitated that it might annoy the judging authorities.

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