Burst the balloons if I can…

I am not in a mood for a full-fledged party, not even in a mood to plan one as my birthday is many months to go. Moreover I don’t celebrate my birthday. At least never with much gusto.

But after reading the prompt It’s My Party I was reminded of something. When we were growing up in the 70s, one song was generally popular at most birthday parties in India. I remember once, as a little girl, I had danced feverishly to this song on my birthday.

Modern Indian songs are very subtle and much better in picture quality. This song is from a movie as old as me. See the fashion and style oozing of the bygone era, styles that have come back now. That way it’s my mother’s era but I can relate to it. Age is no barrier in life, love or friendships.


Roughly translated, the guy says to the girl
“Sunita, my heart sings to you again and again…May this day come time and again in your life. May you live for thousand years. That’s my heart’s desire!”

He further says:
“Sunita! I would have brought flowers as gift for you
how could I give flowers to someone who is herself like spring season”

“Sunita! Flowers from the garden have sent you their salute
Stars from the skies have sent you their message
My wishes are… may my sweetheart be blessed with life as long as that of moon.”

Romantic!!  What happens in the last scene of the song is what I would like to do on my party day, if I have one. I would like to jump on the balloons to burst them.


Hope it was not blasphemy to have put up a non-English song here on WP?  I hope I won’t be thrown out of Word Press blog party

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