Good or Bad – Let it be

Hasty changes
Unimagined gains
Unforeseen challenges
Tested my patience
…as they do in all years

Let go, move on
Carved new trails
I let hope and faith
Heal my baffled heart
…like I do in all years

Isolation does not kill
But wrong people will.
Detachment and rumination
Granted soothing peace
…had longed for it in all years

Pensive pen moved
Witty words poured
Call it blogging or writing
Wonderful blogging friends
…took care of me this half-year


The poem was for The Daily Prompt: How is this year shaping up so far? Write a post about your biggest challenges and achievements thus far.  State of Your Year

(And similar poems I wrote in December/Jan for the New Year 2015 :
Happy New Second and The Renovated Me)

13 thoughts on “Good or Bad – Let it be

  1. This is wonderfully crafted thoughts. The rhyme of words to meaning it conveys does very powerfully resonates. The second stanza especially;
    Letting go and moving on in life. Carving new trails and the power of hope and faith. Hope is the force of life and the process of healing and letting the heart undergo the soothing treatment. It needs the clam and cure.
    Small, sweet but indeed very profound.

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    • Thanks! This poem was written very spontaneously merely to respond to the prompt. Genuine feelings but at the same time I did not want to write about the actual events and challenges. I’m glad it is conveying meaningful message and many people can relate to it.
      Thanks for your valuable insight that further adds to the poem’s message.

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      • Very true, many times when we follow our intuitions and respond spontaneously to our senses we come with brilliant thoughts and when we put words, it just flows and there a magic in the composition.
        Love it and will be sharing more of views on your other post…
        Happy writing and keep sharing…

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