Wish you a very safe journey, my GPS thief!

Yesterday, you entered the boundary of my house at midnight. You stealthily opened all the doors of my car that was parked on the driveway and took away so many of my favorite things.

Wow!  How cool the whole process!  You could open my car without a key. What fun it must have been to search the car for valuables!!

It seems to me you did not like any of the goodies that were inside the big bag on the back seat. You had carelessly scanned and scattered them on the seat as well as thrown them outside the car. The sun caps, the shopping bag and trolley, water bottles and some documents – all of these were of no interest to you.

But you sure did find some humble luxuries on the front seat and took them home.  My GPS, my favourite music CDs, along with a few sunglasses. Possibly something else too that I’m not aware of.

I will miss my music collection but it is the loss of the GPS that will directly impact my life. May be it won’t.  Actually I did not value my GPS as much as I should have. Still, how did you come to know that I do not treasure it and you decided to take it away?

I now miss its presence in my car, but as long as it was with me, I hardly ever put it on.  Her voice telling me to  “Turn left”, “Turn right at the third intersection“, “Keep going for another 2 km then turn left” kind of irritated me. She used to put me under tension. During my journey I could either listen to her or use my brain. I always chose the latter.

I happen to have a sharp memory. I easily remember names of the streets. I like to find my own way, by hit and trial.  So I did not use my GPS as often as most people do.

And yet, the fact remains that it was mine.  I paid for this intelligent machine.  And you took it away so unashamedly?

Moreover, I did use it under dire circumstances. In any case I always avoid driving very long and unsafe distances, and now with my GPS gone, I will totally stop doing that, till I get another one, if at all.  Which means, much as I say I didn’t like it, it was my friend during my difficult times when I feared getting lost along the way. Hence I will miss its presence.  We can do without our friends who make merry with us but not without those who help us in our hours of need.

All in all, one thing is clear to me.  Even with my minor or major dependency on it, I did not love having a GPS to this extent, that I would have ever dared to venture out in the dark of the night, that too in this current chilly Sydney winter weather only to get a GPS from somebody’s car. But you did exactly that.

How unsafe it must have been for you to enter someone’s territory at midnight, and use unscrupulous means to open the doors before using either car-light or your own search light to scan around!!  You left the doors open and quietly vanished away with your booty. Were you scared of the noise it would make if you close the doors?

My heart feels bad for you as I realize how desperate you must have been and how needy that you had no other way to get these goodies except break open my car.  Therefore, I conclude you needed my GPS much more than I ever did.

And that’s what the police said, “This is a job of someone too needy.
But the cops also reiterated, “They do that all the time, they sell them away.

Indeed if a person decides to sell his/her conscience, then selling a GPS is not such a big issue, isn’t it?  So go ahead.  Let my loss be your big gain.

As for me, it’s not as much about the loss of the GPS, or that of music CDs and the sunglasses as it is about loss of faith in people living around my area; it’s about the loss of feeling of security.  It’s the scare you have caused in my heart that will linger on.  I may overcome it with time as will I forget my GPS.  Hopefully it may also make my family stronger as we further learn to keep our possessions secure and safe.

But I might still not keep my car in my garage every day, as quite a task it is to take it out of the narrow driveway. P1060189Therefore from now on, I will start using a car-cover that I always had but never used. The cover will keep my car dust free.  Good outcome!  It will be difficult for you to take off the car-cover and run away with it.

Also, the police has now updated me that you (and probably your pals) had raided many cars in our area. Which means there will now be increased police vigilance in our suburb. They said they will also get the street lights working. Some good does come out of all bad things.

Life will move on and so will your journey as you either use my GPS in your own car or sell it.  You needed it badly, so you better use it for your good.  But in general, no good ever comes out of eyeing other people’s possessions. No one can ever become a millionaire by stealing.

If you did not have any agenda of becoming rich via my GPS, and if you genuinely needed money for your ailing family, then it’s a matter of immense shame that we have a society where the poor and needy are too embarrassed to ask others for some humble amount of money, and they prefer, rather they are compelled to steal in the middle of night.

But if it is not poverty and rather it was your own addiction to stealing that compelled you to opt for this burglary, then all I can do is pray for you,  “May this GPS open the doors of your conscience!! May it show you a right direction and a ‘right’ way in life!!!”

I can almost hear my GPS speaking to you:  “Move right to go towards the right (eous) path in life. Keep driving forever…and ever…”


My car was actually broken into at night, two days ago.  

After reading The Daily Prompt Do Not Disturb  I was not sure I was supposed to share this incident here or not.  Sometimes we just feel like sharing. I can make it ‘private’ if and when I feel uncomfortable with it.
Responding to the prompt now, well in general, one should be careful about sharing. When in doubt have no doubt. If there is something you won’t tell to a random stranger, unknown neighbor or your enemy, then do not put it online.
But as it happens, with offline or online theft – ill-intentioned people will find a way. All you can do is be cautious.

25 thoughts on “Wish you a very safe journey, my GPS thief!

  1. Oh dear. So sorry someone trespassed on your property, broke in to your car and took away things that were yours. Scary. As you said, the person who did the theft might have been desperate, looking for a way to make ends meet. Or the person could have been greedy. Whichever way it is, what goes around, comes around. Stay safe.

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    • Thanks Mabel for your concern! It was scary to wake up in the morning and see the car boot as well as two doors open. The families in the neighborhood are taking some steps for extra safety. Crime Stoppers keep warning on TV everyday, maybe in Melbourne too it’s the same scenario.


      • Lucky it was only the GPS. Most important thing no one is hurt. Since there have been similar incidents in the area and neighbours are being vigilant, hopefully this will all come to an end soon 🙂 In Melbourne, there are always petty thefts happening all round. Can’t hurt to be wary and put safety first.

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    • Thanks for your concern and your insight!
      Indeed crime and sin both are prohibited but continue to exist. When people dare to try or continue on a path that’s not at all approved by any civil society, we can assume there is a serious reason behind it that needs to be cured.

      Generally, a quick-fix solution is sought when criminals are jailed and sinners made to confess or pray, while both wrongdoers continue to be stigmatized forever. Hence they do not change.

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    • Yes Louise. Material things may come and go but these valuables remain – life experience, social awareness about crime scenes, increased vigilance within the community as well as extra caution at home front.
      Thanks for your input!


  2. It’s an awful feeling to know that there are people so indifferent to the the feelings/needs/safety of others. It happens across all walks of life; it may be legal and illegal, personal and global. I worry about the lack of empathy and mainstreaming of moral corruption.

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    • True. In all walks of life there are people with psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies. The root cause may be embedded in their childhood, upbringing, bad company or some personal life experiences that make them a vengeful rebel. Sometimes it’s a person’s overall nature that’s hard to change.

      But occasionally, family circumstances and genuine material needs may get people, esp. men going down this path of short-cut gain. After all men are bread-winners and when they can’t live up to others’ expectations, they resort to foul means to bring money home.

      Thanks for your concerns!

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    • Thanks for your concern Andrea! Assuming it was a young person’s (man’s) task, I feel any vice can be rectified at an early stage. Young people need serious counselling by responsible members of society.

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  4. I’ve had my car broken into three times at three different houses/apartments. They never catch the perps, that I know of. And leaving the door open at least means you aren’t out the money fixing the window. If they hit your area, not much you can do. I hate the thought that someone was in my space, but I also feel sympathy for how desperate they must be. What a culmination of bad choices that led them to my car. At least I was asleep in my bed, and woke rested and had a nice breakfast before discovering it all. I wonder if they ever have those simple joys.

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