Catch the Criminals

The Daily Prompt:  Dear LeaderIf your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?


Reading this for a while I thought , which country – Australia, India or the whole world? The whole gamut of issues exist that need to be fixed.

In Australia, there are certain recurrent issues that need attention and solution. Treatment of asylum seekers is one such problem that has become a Human Rights violation issue. Another issue is related to the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. Much as they have been exploited and disadvantaged in the past, they need huge improvement in their lives as crime rate is going high amongst their community

Talking about crime rate, in general Australia has always had low crime rate compared to many other countries. But nowadays, this too is becoming a major issue, albeit one that directly influences our lives.

Recently, one busy early morning as I casually watched TV, some superintendent from Crime Stoppers was warning viewers about how criminals nowadays do not look for empty homes.  He said they now focus on occupied homes when inmates are inside so that they can get car keys and other things easily and walk away.  At this, the TV host asked the superintendent a plethora of questions about how to keep oneself safe. I too paused my work to pay attention to this part.  As I mentally noted his warnings, exactly five minutes later I came out of my front door only to discover that my car had been burgled. I must say it was a very spooky coincidence. My previous post was on this topic.

So yes.  Crime in Sydney should not grow higher than what it is.  Australia should continue to be a safe and peace loving country that is always has been. Police should not take such burglaries lightly.

Other than this, I am lightly familiar with the casual working style of government officials and leaders. From a very early age, for a few years I worked as a casual newsreader at All-India-Radio. Later on I also worked in Australian Public Service for some time. These jobs were my direct stint with the workings of government offices. Wonderful as they are, they have their limitations.

People want quick results from their leaders but after winning the elections (by hook or by crook), by the time political parties settle down and devise their strategies, it is their time to leave. Slow as snail!  Policies get no time to be fully implemented. So much nepotism and red-tapism runs within government offices.

Therefore, for us public, it’s not enough to keep hoping for miracles, and also not enough to identify what we would like our leaders to do. It is necessary to voice out your opinion, in whatever way you want – via radio, print media or some other voluntary organisations. Let your public voice be heard!.

I participate in local government affairs by calling various talk-back radio shows to convey my views on sociopolitical issues. Other than this, it is the Non-Government Organisations – the NGOs – that are now a big force of change and we should work for them. Whenever possible, I try to do voluntary work for Australian and Indian organisations, as well as those in any other part of the world.

Our dear leaders are not enough. They have better things to do than solve our problems.

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