Digital India Project – an enormous step forward!!

This historic event happening LIVE in New Delhi right now is a huge step towards India’s progress.

Watch Live…

The power of technology and digitalization can help countries come out of their vicious cycle of poverty. Modernization will help eradicate the disconnect and the gap that exists between the very poor and the very rich within the IT savvy countries like India that have vast human resources, that is 1.2 billion people.

This is an ancient land that was rich and well-developed for centuries, but is now a developing nation, often referred to as a third-world country. Now it is moving backwards to once again become a developed nation.

Anything that can change the world to make it a better place is welcome!!


2 thoughts on “Digital India Project – an enormous step forward!!

  1. 1. Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India.
    2. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens electronically by reducing paperwork.
    3. Umbrella programme which includes the hitherto National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) to connect 2,50,000 gram Panchayats by providinginternet connectivity to all citizens.
    4. The initiative also includes plan to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Digital India has three core components.
    • The creation of digital infrastructure
    • Delivering services digitally
    • Digital literacy
    5. The scheme will be monitored and controlled by the Digital India Advisory group which will be chaired by the Ministry of Communications and IT.
    6. It will be an inter-ministerial initiative where all ministries and departments shall offer their own services to the public Healthcare, Education, Judicial services etc.
    7. The Public-private-partnership model shall be adopted selectively.
    8. Digital India mission has 9 pillars: Broadband Highway, Public Internet, Universal Mobility, E-Governance, E-Kranti, Info. to all, ZERO import, IT jobs and Early Harvest programs
    Schemes under Ministry of Tribal Affairs


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