Hands Up!!


“Hands up!!  Young Lady!
Give me whatever you have!
Save your future”

I have often imagined this scenario esp. after that GPS incident.  If faced with something like this, better not argue with the goon/s. Better give them all that you have – for your life’s sake, for your future. And theirs.

Sounds easy. But the reality is, if somebody does this to me, I’ll be horrified.  I may swoon.

Now look at this picture.

syrian_child_photoThis little girl, in war-ridden parts of Syria, also looks awe-struck. But it seems like she’s quite familiar with this concept of ‘putting your hands-up’ when faced by anyone who’s carrying a mechanical thing that looks like a gun. The picture was taken by a photojournalist and shows how this child mistook the camera for gun and impulsively held her hands up in surrender.

Soon after that, a Red Cross worker had also shared a picture of another Syrian girl child raising her hands in surrender because she too thought the camera was a gun.

No chirpy childhood for such children. No play schools full of colorful toys, no school bags, no fun schooling with playful age-mates, no bright future. Their lives are on a knife-edge where at any moment they may have to ‘put their hands up’ – only to survive, only to keep themselves alive. Quality of life is not even their immediate worry.

Can we give them something? Can anyone save their future?

This pathetic situation exists in many if not most parts of the world, in some form or the other – little kids not living a life of a child.  In the egotistic power games and political rivalries of adults, these budding lives are sacrificed.


For: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 51
Words provided: Future & Give

17 thoughts on “Hands Up!!

  1. When their own people don’t care about them !! How sad !
    When a country is divided by people of different ideologies, different whatever, it is very easy for someone from outside to take over. And so these little ones suffer- no childhood, no womanhood, no adulthood, only the surety of death.

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    • Very aptly analyzed. Their own people think they have a higher cause and are often helpless. When there are human groups with such differences, and each one of them thinks their cause is higher and truer, then the battle is long drawn and only time decides their fate.
      Your last line touched me. Sad.

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      • Alka,
        In the countries around me, there is nothing more sure than death or change.
        One moment its there and the next its not. I understand why here insurance is not big- because to be insured, you need to have life and that life will be, is not sure.
        Thanks for sharing these photos of these lovely babies. Wonder what will become of them.

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  2. Such heart wrenching pictures! And they say Almighty sees all! The innocent have always been caught in the middle of petty, selfish issues that people have been pursuing…no lessons learnt because fanatics continue to pollute the mind of youngsters to push them towards their selfish goals. How sad!

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    • Yes, these pictures say more than any words can say. I want to believe (in God) but wonder if there is anyone quietly seeing all the unfairness in the world. Each religion and each race thinks their God, their country, their people are superior, and this results in fanaticism. So these children have nowhere to go but to join the fanatic adults.
      If there are aliens in similar parallel worlds, how will our God as well as all the religious and political dogmas created by us earthlings apply on extra-terrestrials. Today is World UFO Day 🙂

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    • That’s true! Even adults find it unbearable when faced with minor harshness of life…for little kids, all this must be too scary and sad, but that’s the only life some kids know of.
      Thanks for your empathetic comments!

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  4. I will never understand how anyone could harm a child. They are the future supporters of this world and so many are being tossed aside, abused, killed, and the ones that survive are traumtized and have no childhood. Animals treat their young better that some humans treat theirs!

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    • So true! Politics and territorial wars are all about ego and winning. Somebody has to pay the price, and often the most vulnerable do. Children growing up in any wrong circumstances either do not survive or end up going down the path of sin and crime. They have physical and mental health problems – a half-lived life of poverty and gloom.


  5. It was very sad to see those little faces with their hands held high in fear. No child should have to face such circumstances. They are being rob of childhood play, creativity, security and fun. When will the adults wake up and stop the nonsense. Everyone wants security, peace, food, and compassion. There is enough to share with all. It is time to wake up – realize the way they are living and fighting for control isn’t working, never did, and the power just shifts from generation to generation with on one actually coming out on top. Thank you for blogging about this. Love and Light to the children of the world. May there be peace.


    • Thanks for sharing your heart-felt sympathy! Their childhood is not a normal childhood. They grow up to become toughened and hardened souls who either pick up a gun, or else they are rendered too insecure till the end of their days, forever searching for basics of life that were missing from their early parts of life – simple things like good food, peace, love. Although it’s a wishful thinking to imagine a world free of such violent power games, but maybe one day there will be peace all around and your wishes of ‘Love and Light to children of the world’ will come true. Thanks again!

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    • That’s true! Parents are supposed to protect their children so it’s rather sad when they ruin their little ones. You can relate? Do you have some story to share?


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