Growth Pangs

Wanted to grow up
That happened
Success achieved

Want to stop growing up
Live, but never grow old
This will never be achieved

Does the poem not answer the prompt Futures Past seriously? Well, to do that, I’ll have to write a novel. May be some day.


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12 thoughts on “Growth Pangs

  1. Such a great poem. Funny how we all want to grow older faster when we’re younger but at some point later in life, we want to stay young or at a certain age for as long as possible. No matter our age there’s always things to enjoy and appreciate around us, love to be found and love to be given to others and to ourselves…so I think it’s best we all enjoy every stage of our lives and keep smiling and moving forwards 🙂

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    • Thanks dear Mabel! You are so wise for your years.
      That’s true about our wish to stay young. But only when youth starts to say goodbye, that this realization dawns that youth is energetic and beautiful. One should value it. Most people younger to me idle away their time, I lecture them to take charge of their lives as, before you know, time is going to slip by.
      I wrote this poem, but as usual I muck around 🙂 I too feel one can enjoy life at any age. If our life is not just about getting but more about giving, then we can be happy at any stage of life. There are many children suffering from deadly diseases, so grownups should stoically accept what comes along with age.


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  3. Hi Alka,
    Sometimes I think of this situation…stop growing? What next? Stuck at a particular age…for how long? We may become unwanted! Wouldn’t we be bored without any growth? Wouldn’t life lose its charm? Nothing to look forward to? Even water which is stagnant starts smelling. Let life go on, like a river, ever flowing, ever fresh and look sideways for a short while.


    • Hi Balroop,

      Yes, this issue raises so many questions. Actually when a general desire to ‘stop growing’ comes in anyone’s mind, it’s a wish to never grow old and to never die. But, as you say, that obviously means being stuck at a particular age. If we are alone in that non-journey, we will be lonely as we hang around with our juniors, while all our loved ones continue to grow and die. But if everyone stops growing, then the world will be overpopulated. Bored too. I like the idea of staying fresh rather than go stagnant. Looking sideways is good but not sure what it meant. Taking a pause? Enjoying here and there from time to time, then moving on.

      Thanks for your input! 🙂


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