The one you’re ‘Meant To Be With’

My poem defines a ‘soul-mate’ as not someone we pine for, but one your soul learns to live with and knows him/her well.


The one you are with, day and night
Is the one you are Born to Be With

To (not) take you to moon and back
To help your life gain ground on earth

Together buy food and groceries
To cook all the family meals

To remind each other about
The day for the rubbish bin

Together watch soap-operas
To fight for the remote control

To converse about bank balance
To get home renovations done

Together plan your child’s future
To worry about his/her career

The mate you share your life with
The mate who cares for your little needs

Soul-mate is not the one you pine for
But the mate your soul learns to live with

'Will these glasses help him see things my way?'

Take Me to the Moon

Also for the daily prompt  Born to Be With You:  Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best?

Yin to My Yang

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