A Writer’s Niche – We are the Only One of Our Kind

“Try as I may, to learn from others’ style
 Try as I may, to change the way I write
 I always end up writing in my own style
 That is my niche`”

After I took to blogging, I’ve thought about this quite often. Is it enough for me to just keep writing or is it necessary to find my niche as a writer?  Carving a niche is about creating a place for ourselves in our field. There is so much talk about it and people take writing as a business.

It’s just that at some stage I had come back to proper writing after many years so I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted from my blog.

At the back of my mind, I always had long-form essays or proper articles that I also send to various newspapers, and they do get published. But at the same time, in my writing as also in my real life, I harbor a wish to do something for others, a desire to change the world in whatever little way I can.  Hence my niche had also to be related to this end.

I did come across many wordy sites that have similar attitudes and views. But I couldn’t come around to become anything like them. If I ever tried, my own style was lost and I couldn’t even write a paragraph.

That’s because there is urgency about my writing. It has to be written in one flow. I can’t sit, plan and force myself to write, can’t define my writing. The ideas occur only when they have to and they burst out only when they can’t contain themselves. I can’t sleep at night when there is pressure in my mind to write.

Therefore, I do not bother anymore about deliberately trying to form a niche. Neither have I ever tried to adapt my own style in the manner of any of my favorite writers/blog authors. Even mildly emulating others’ speech style did not work for me when I was a radio broadcaster/newsreader, so I know it won’t work for my writing as well.

I have my own style that will develop more and more with time. That is my own niche, my inimitable way of writing, my own voice. It may not turn out to be lucrative for me, it may not fetch me name and fame, it may not be great from marketing point-of-view. But it is and will always be my very own. For I’m a unique writer – the only one of my kind.  And so are you.

For: Writer’s Quote Wednesday


For: The Daily Prompt – The Sincerest Form of Flattery
“Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.”

19 thoughts on “A Writer’s Niche – We are the Only One of Our Kind

    • Exactly! We all think differently after undergoing same experiences or being in similar relationships. Our writing is bound to be different so the best is to set it free.
      Thanks for your views 🙂

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  1. That is such a good question – do we need to find our niches as writers, and artists? Totally agree with you it takes time to find our niche, our voice as writers and artists. We can certainly look to others for inspiration though, and our own natural style will flow from that and our own personal experiences. For me, I’ve come a long way writing in academic fashion to a more conversational kind of writing…and still think I haven’t found my writer’s voice 😀

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    • “We can certainly look to others for inspiration” Your perspective is better and less harsh than mine. Of course, inspiration does help. At the end of the day it is all about our “natural style” and our “own personal experiences”, and these become our niche. Mabel, your style is very fine and it goes with the cultural themes that you write about. But generally, that’s the change that comes once we start blogging. There is a casual and conversational tone in my writings too, and a friend of mine had pointed this out. She’s a PhD and probably she’s not a great fan of my personal and conversational style. But that’s ok. We all are unique 🙂


      • I actually think you say it more honestly. I’ve always been encouraged to talk about at least two sides of the argument to a topic. Makes sense since there are so many perspectives in this world. I think the challenge to finding our voice is letting our argument stand out without sounding to forceful. But as you said, everything takes time 🙂


  2. Everyone of us is unique in her/his own way… 🙂 Imitating another doesn’t help…
    Of course, we get inspired my the writings of great men and even some not-so-known persons, but at the end of the day, our personal style should always be there… 🙂


    • Of course, all great works are and should be an inspiration. But that’s about it.

      Imitation should of course be a complete taboo – a crime or a sin in my eyes. I’ve seen that even mild adaptation of article length or vocabulary as per others’ standards doesn’t seem to work for me as I lose my flow of writing. That’s what I meant. But in competitive business-minded social media, if writers do not change themselves into something marketable and if they do not make efforts to carve their niche, they stay behind in this rat race. So be it. Never lose your true self.

      The rule applies to all writers so I’ve changed the title to ‘we’ instead of ‘I’…for that’s what I meant.

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  3. Welcome Alka! What a fabulous quote. Writing advice always says to learn your style from other people’s writing. That never worked for me either. Inevitably, the words form from my brain to the paper in the way they want to. Thank your for your great inspiration! ❤

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    • Thanks Colleen for liking my quote and understanding its essence. I wrote it at the risk of being judged pompous. Like you said, everywhere this advice is plentiful but it doesn’t work. I’m rather awed at the writing process, as if we must write/type with our eyes half-closed and dare not open them for the fear of losing the bombarding ideas. Maybe it’s like that for everyone and hence we all are unique.

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      • Quotes should make you think. Your quote made me find value in the writing process. Writing is hard. There is a crafting portion to the writing process. Until a writer undertakes the writing of an actual book with plot lines and characters will they truly grasp the process. Well done, Alka. 💗


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  5. I believe that this idea of being in our own writing niche is an organic process that develops quite naturally from the act of writing on a continual basis. After a time, we find our voice. Love the quote.

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    • Thanks! The word ‘organic’ is appropriate for this process. Possibly it all begins to form during our early to late student life, where essays or whatever writing we indulge in, already has a developing voice and style. When we deliberately become a writer, it gets more and more refined.


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