Halved Lives

Half and Half
Build a sensible whole
A complete completeness

Severed forlorn halves
Become wandering vagabonds
Fiercely seeking completeness

Finding along their way
Other fragmented halves
With complete incompleteness

Who quick-fix their halved jigsaw
To create whole new wholeness
Only to crack them, to smaller halves

Halves now quartered to shreds
Frantically float around
Crumbs, that forever elude wholeness

©2015 Alka Girdhar

DSCN0008 ~~~

For The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Half and Half
“This week, let’s split our photos in two.”

Also for:  Close Up

Writing prompt: Incomplete

23 thoughts on “Halved Lives

    • Thanks Vashti! The poem has certain depth that cannot be fathomed by everyone.
      Actually, every supposedly close relation, be it a partner, lover, husband, siblings, parents or even best friends, have a huge potential to make us and build us up. But they can very well break us too…as we trust them the most, depend on them, invest ourselves in them.

      Of course, once broke…these halved and cracked people often go on cracking further and further, till beyond redemption.
      Negativity at its worst 🙂

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    • Yes, it can be related to anyone whose life been subjected to deprivation of mental, emotional or physical fullness, including ‘medieval punishment’ with its extreme methods of torture. The strong imagery is somewhat disturbing when I read my poem again.


  2. Yes, almost everything in life has two halves, and it comes together to form the complete what we represent. But as it appears the two halves may not the same and it is always very much like the mystery and mirage of life. It is there but you cannot see it, it makes sound and we cannot hear…complete incompleteness of life, search the fragmented other halves, the search and the journey of life continues…
    Deeply thought out poem and carries much deeper meaning than it appears to be in the choice of words…mirroring the mirage of two conflicting side of our same thought.


    • Thanks for yet another way of thinking…”that the two halves may not be the same…that it is there but we cannot see it, or hear it.” This can become positive thinking, that one can be happy with near-completeness too, or an imagined one.
      Generally, this incompleteness prevails in all spheres, not just relations. If we look at social media or blogosphere, what are people trying to do? Say, if people have had some illness – physical or mental – they look for others like them who can relate to their problems, or even share their happiness if they have overcome these problems. This sharing is also like trying to be complete, by finding newer meanings and reasons in their state of being.

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      • Incompleteness and imperfections are an integral part of our life and living, and there is this quest to achieve perfection through excellence. And there are so many common problems and suffering, and we all experience the same until we interact and exchange thought we all feel our problem is unique and we are only suffering. The urge and the search to find new meaning and reasons in making our life more engaging and enriched.


        • Of course everyone has similar underlying problems. that is why any work of a writer/poetess is never based on his or her own life but represents and applies on the whole world in general, it is our collective consciousness, as you may say. A writer’s voice is everyone’s voice.

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          • Writing represents and reflects the happenings and experience of many in society, and also different stage of life and phases of society, writer has an interest for observation and absorbing the things around and he is magician in giving beautiful words to such range of observations.
            Nice you to put…writer’s voice is everyone’s voice, I like that.

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          • Exactly! I write almost everyday, covering all genres and so many different themes. Not everything is based on my own experience, though it may seem to be so. Sometimes we pick up a random remote incident and string it with our current mind. The outcome shapes into something totally different from the initial incident, It’s an amalgam of many little things.

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          • Absolutely right, perhaps this very element of unpredictably and the diversity of thoughts that keeps hitting us and many times we just don’t know what is going to come out unless it in finally captured in words on paper, till than we keep oscillating with so many ideas to so many genres and forms that we never get confined or our thoughts can never be defined, it keeps changing and it keeps evolving and this dynamic nature and new aspects makes the engagement with writing so fascinating…
            Indeed loving this discussing…

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          • But this variety can become a problem. It’s ok to write randomly on our blog, but in order to write a book, we have to define our creativity into a particular genre and discipline ourselves. That’s what I need to do now.

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          • Yes, there needs to a balance of both, when we are on the mission of writing a book, focus is the essence and when we are exploring the power of creativity we have to let loose our thinking and imagination to go wild and go far off, then we are setting new tones and creating new tunes, venturing into uncharted territories and to doing what we have not done…
            Yes, as regard book discipline and focus is the priority and without which it is impossible to give the shape and colour to our book…I have personally gone through the journey of writing a book and learning the power of the blogging platform…


          • Let’s see how it goes. Much as I say, I can’t stop writing random posts that are probably average and mediocre. Quality not quantity is the key.
            Yes, you have been through the process of book writing that’s why you know better.
            Thanks for sharing your views, that I’m sure will be useful for me 🙂

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          • Yes Alka, we always want our thoughts to get the wings to fly and therein lies the problem where to draw the boundary, should we expand the horizon or restrict us to the genre or the defined set of associated subjected, I always felt by categorizing blogs, it only help is searching and associating but blogging is a platform explore one’s imagination and expand one’s range of thinking and dealing with diverse topic, writing quality improves with more writing and more experimentation with different topics and areas of subject…

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  3. Nice little poem, Alka, around fragmented halves searching for completeness in a sea of halves and quarters floating around, some cribbing about jagged edges and venting frustrations, many endeavouring to smoothen edges and attain symmetries, and still many in creative alignment to evolve into non-existent equilibriums, to eventually discover that what may be possible is to preserve and refine existing forms, and conserve it from splintering further. Browning defined it well when he mused, “On the earth the broken arcs; in the heaven, a perfect round”….best wishes… Raj.

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