An Obedient Feminist

An Obedient Feminist

A free thinking woman
She fights for everyone’s rights.
With hubby’s permission.



For: Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 54
Words Provided:  Free & Think



I’m a free thinking woman
I love gender equality.
But if I fight with men
then who’s going to…
mow my lawn
fix the taps
open my car door
pay the bills
pamper me
like a queen.
I like equality
I respect all men.



In response to my post, Lola from ‘Through Lola’s Prism’ asked me “What is the punchline?”.  Well, I had left it to the readers to figure it out.  But generally…is feminism an eyewash…more of an oxymoron?

16 thoughts on “An Obedient Feminist

    • The ‘obedient’ one is hardly smart, much as she pretends to be.
      The ‘anti-feminist’ says…‘Who cares for feminism! I need a lawn-mower, a mechanic, an ATM machine, a guard. For that I accept gender differences’.
      But looking at it that way, men also seem to be saying…I need a mother for my kids, a child-carer, a cook, a cleaner etc etc. 
      This give and take of life is bound to have some inequality

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  2. Obedient would not crack my top 500 list of admirable qualities in a woman, coming somewhere after “Is the real Ann Coulter.” As for believing in all sorts of nice stuff eliminating the value of feminism, well, I believe in rainbows and puppies with flower-scented breath, but that doesn’t make the world a better place. The first two rules we taught our daughters were
    1. Never publicly take someone else’s side against your sister, ever.
    2. Never take any shit from anyone, unless you take it because you take it because doing so will serve your best interests at a later date.


    • The use of word ‘obedient’ was more of a ‘pun’ here. That’s because while most feminist work is genuine, there’s also an alternative scenario. While doing philanthropic social work I had observed many women workers were helping other women out, as a part of their job. But they clearly had problems in their own lives that needed to be resolved. Women fear being labelled ‘rebellious’ by their hubby’s family so they become too obedient and try to get credit for that.
      Another irony is some mothers who are heavily involved in helping strangers, at the cost of their own children/family suffering.

      The value of feminism can never be eliminated by superficial materialistic rewards of imbalanced relations. So it becomes hypocrisy when women expect equal treatment but continue to be dependent on men for their little needs and so called masculine tasks. Everyone should learn every type of work. I try. But even with this fact, that men are generally physically at advantage in certain tasks, women need to be respected for the tasks they do.

      Your advice to your daughters is indeed very sound. Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic!


  3. Ha, ha! Great one Alka! You’ve captured exactly what’s wrong with many women’s way of thinking. If we all show respect, kindness, and consideration for each other regardless of gender, everyone would have equality.

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    • Thanks Vashti! After reading your comments I too laughed, maybe for the first time after I posted these quirky poems and images. Till now I felt I must’ve offended at least a few women by stating such stark realities.
      As you said, mutual respect and kindness is the key to bring about equality.

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