Blue Moon Love

I think about you
Only once in a blue moon.
But the moon is never blue
Or is it forever blue?

Melting moon changes phases
This fickle trickster teases.
My love in not like a blue moon
For it’s forever true, forever blue.

All Rights Reserved ©2015 Alka Girdhar


Today is a Blue Moon day (31st July, 2015).  The one that is in the common saying “Once in a blue moon”
A moon that actually looks blue is a very rare sight. Full moon appears blue only when the atmosphere is filled with dust or smoke particles of a certain size;  say after a storm or a volcanic eruption.
Which means, in reality, there is nothing like blue moon. The moon is never blue. It only appears to be so because of smoke and all.
Which also means if this concept of ‘blue moon’ is more of our imagination, then it is up to us to assume moon is always blue. True love is like that. Always the same.


The blue picture was borrowed from a free picture site, hence my poem is more appropriate for Jennifer’s color your world challenge – Midnight blue

13 thoughts on “Blue Moon Love

    • Rare concept…this blue love 🙂 You are right. Moon is never blue. It’s an illusion. Like today on the 31st of July, it is blue moon day but moon seems blue only if atmosphere is filled with dust or smoke.
      Hence my lyrics…moon is never blue…or it is always blue.

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    • Yes Maniparna, as you say, there are many lovely connotations of the word ‘blue’. In Australia, we use ‘true blue Aussie’ to convey a genuine and loyal Australian or human. So blue here means ultimate devotion. We use this word ‘true blue’ a lot here so I ended up using it spontaneously for love.
      But blues are also sadness, and that is how I had used it. Something that is true despite all the blues it gives 🙂

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  1. Good thoughts, my Dear Alka! And You rightly point out the many meanings of Blue. But Sad to hear that You are Sad. You should not be so. You, such a Beautiful Girl, with So many Talents, (See, Grandpa’s have a lot of Freedom! but True, every one of my words).

    Cheer Up. Keep Your Heart Safe and under Your control. There is Too much Dust floating around too!

    Love and Blessings. 🙂

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    • Thanks for your kind words of praise and appreciation but I’m a bit embarrassed, amused (and giggling right now).
      I look young but I’m not really a young girl. I write such poetry from my heart so that young people can relate to my words. In life as well as in love, there are more of unsuccessful and sad people who like to read poems and songs that convey their own feelings. So my writer’s blues are the blues of all such readers who have ever had sad experiences.

      I’m ok. Not sad. I count my blessings.

      Thanks for sending me your blessings too!


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      • Hmmm, am wondering if I am to believe that, (that You are not so Young!) …See, I am not serious all the time!

        About Your wriging ‘Blues’ for others, Well, that is Magnanimous indeed, and Your have chosen the name of Your blog quite well!

        Love and Regards!

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