Our Fountains of Joy

Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

I try to recollect but I do not remember putting coins in any fountain to have my wish come true. Sometimes I’ve looked at the sky and wished upon a star or should I say moon.

More than that I’ve prayed at religious places, asked for something and the wishes did come true. Yes, they do come true if we do not make it a habit. Generally speaking, be it a fountain, a star, dandelion or God, we should be careful what we wish for.

But nowadays, I do not ask for anything from anyone or anywhere. I’ve discovered, it doesn’t matter either way.

That said, we’ll look at a fountain. The picture below is not exactly a fountain with waters gushing out upwardly and some musical lights creating a spectacular sight. This is more of a fountain where there are subtle bubbles that slowly spread water all around.

With the architecture of circulating pathways, the Spiral Fountain at Darling Harbour in Sydney is a favorite place for kids (and adults) to wet their feet on steps filled with water, go walking round and round to finally reach the rotund centre and sit there in glory.

My son also used to love doing that when he was a little boy – splashing his feet around this path, laughing and giggling non-stop while descending down. Finally victorious upon reaching his destination, sitting comfortably there, he would wave at us from far as if he was now in some different land.
20070322051155_00011mw(My son’s picture is not too clear. Here’s another one with a wider fountain)

When we see our kids, or see any kid for that matter, enjoying their little things, we heartily wish them to be always happy like that.  They are our fountains of joy.

When they grow older, we continue to wish the same even though we inevitably cannot always be a part of their social activities, their trips and tours. We still want them to reach their destination and achieve great heights.

These are the secret wishes and open desires of every parent in this world. I look at this fountain now and make a wish for my son’s happiness.


In response to Daily Prompt: Three Coins in the Fountain

7 thoughts on “Our Fountains of Joy

  1. Yet to try tossing coins in a fountain, Alka, even though my friends have told me about the fountain in Italy, where people go around three times making a wish as they toss a coin into it on each of the three rounds. The spiral fountain in Sydney pictured here with your kid looks really interesting in its architecture, and the thoughts you have spun around it…best wishes.

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    • Possibly there are such fountains that do make one’s wish come true. Of course, other than the fun factor, it’s also a matter of personal feeling and faith.
      Yes, it’s a nice place for children. And any random thoughts about kids come out natural.
      Thanks for your views!

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  2. I have thrown coins in the Roman fountain and others perhaps but am yet to remember if any of my wishes came true. I remember specifically that I did not wish at the Roman fountain.
    Who knows ?


  3. Yes, I have tossed a few coins here and there to make a wish, but not really feeling it would actually happen. I like your description of children…”They are our fountains of joy.” They certainly are! 🙂


    • Most of such things are for fun, but if they come true they become belief and faith.
      Our happiness based on our children is so true and definite, that if they are happy we do not really need any miscellaneous joys.


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