To Be As Clean As Can Be

The Daily Post’s writing prompt Sweeping Motions has asked us:
‘What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.’



My computer table is messy. No No, my room is messier. No No, it’s my table….

Both are slightly messy. Both are clean.  But there’s a reason to why they are like that?  I mean, c’mon, what else do you expect?  Unlike India, here in Australia we’ve to do most of the work by ourselves. Moreover, with more than half of my family of three enjoying their trips, currently I’m doing all the work by myself.  It’s a different issue that less family members also means less work.

In general, if there is a long list of work to be done all the time – say cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing etc. etc – what will happen?  We’ll have to prioritize, innit?  We’ll do only that which is absolutely necessary.

Cooking is vital, followed by cleaning of the kitchen. Hygiene in kitchen is more important than that of the rest of the house. Cleaning of toilets is also necessary but this week, with most of my family away, I’m using  only one toilet. When the sole person using the bathroom and toilet is a woman, it doesn’t get much dirty anyway.

Ok.  Next task?  We need clothes every day.  At the most I can forego the ironing of each and every washed piece, but washing of clothes is still a necessary chore to be done every alternate day.

Only after these vital chores are over, comes a need for room cleaning and yard cleaning. Bedroom cleaning involves carpet cleaning every other day. Currently I do not see a dire need for it, so the floor looks fine. The bedroom wardrobe always seems to have a room for cleaning. Also exists the task of changing of bedsheets but not every single day as I use my bed only for sleeping, not for watching TV or casual sitting around.  Hence sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I avoid making my bed. But it’s Okkkk!!!

My computer table is currently within my bedroom. Other than the laptop and another big screen computer, right now it has some scattered pens, random visiting cards, letters and envelopes, some coasters, phones being charged. Is that a mess?  Thanks to my deteriorating eye-sight, I can’t clearly spot the dust even if it is there. A dressing table, that sits next to the computer table, has a drawer full of charging wires, ear-phones, head phones, diaries and writing stuff but it hardly has any makeup or beauty items that it ‘s supposed to have. Any fines for that?

But Hey Word Press!! Why am I telling you all this? And why are you asking?

Other than busy schedules, the way we all are addicted to blogging as well as to the rest of the online media, you can’t expect us to be cleaner than we are. There’s so much information overload online that I spend more time reading about ‘How to use lemon or vinegar to clean the house’, rather than on actual cleaning.  There’s no dearth of sites that inform about ‘How olive oil can help clean leather items’, or ‘How to use baking soda to clean your face as well as your house’. Organic cleaning is the best, they say. But just reading about all this information is not going to automate the cleaning of our homes.

To conclude it all as a poem….

 The amount of time we spend online
 Messy rooms and tables are not a crime.
 Please do not track our rooms
 Go home and clean your own room.
(no offense meant)

4 thoughts on “To Be As Clean As Can Be

  1. I love how you analysed cleaning in your response to the prompt, Alka. Which should we really clean first – that is often the question. True that we have to most of the cleaning ourselves here in Australia; in many Asian cities, having a house-help is very common.

    I agree. Kitchen first, hygiene first. And yes, if only a woman is using a toilet, it’s less dirty 😀 For me, I tend to do the laundry once every two weeks since I generally wear the same outfit for three days a week. Wish my apartment had floorboards instead of carpet, though. That way I can just sweet up any dust as opposed to dragging out the vacuum cleaner. Good luck with cleaning 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mabel 🙂 Yes, that is the main issue. If we clean one corner, the other one clamors for attention. Good for you that you can wear the same outfit. When I had work uniform, it was better for me too. I too feel I do the laundry too often (Lady Macbeth washing her hands too often) but with a family somehow I end up doing that. Need to cut that down as well as need to eat out more.
      Yes, floorboards are the best, though I do have cream tiles in the family room and lounge area but it looks good only if squeaky clean otherwise due to their light color tiles end up looking dirtier than they are.

      Well, never mind anything 🙂 Now we are used to this life style and won’t like having too many helpers hanging around our house. My post was all in good humor.


      • Cleaning is always a great topic of discussion. How to clean, when to clean…the discussion can go on and on 😀

        I prefer tiles over carpet…just that they might make the house colder in winter!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Is it? That’s so sweet of you dear Mabel 🙂 It’s great to see somebody taking interest in my funny article on cleaning. After publishing it, I felt like deleting it. That’s because day-by-day my posts are getting too casual and random. And then I cry ‘I don’t have writer’s niche’.

          Other than the cleaning attention they need, tiles do make the floors colder in winter 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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