My Creepy Room-Mate



This girl on my room wall
Gives me a queer call

She hangs in a demeanor
That I fail to comprehend

Worrisome and contemplating
Or is she tranquil and serene?

Her eyes make a mute appeal
Or is it a sinister frosty chill?

Are they tears, dried and darkened
Or is her make-up running out?

Are her cheeks rosy and robust
Or is her blood streaming out?

One look, and I look away
With restless unease

This creepy girl on my wall
Somehow does not please


~ © Alka Girdhar ~


This silver portrait is in my house in one of the rooms. Looks different in various lights – gothic, somber, eerie or just thoughtful.

21 thoughts on “My Creepy Room-Mate

  1. She seems to be in contemplative mood, her face is not sad, don’t miss that expression of mixed emotions. There is something in her hands, probably a pen with which she is trying to write her story or make an observation about what makes her so emotional.

    However, I would never choose such a painting for my room, something about her face is really ‘creepy’ and therein lies the artistic beauty.


    • It’s these mixed emotions, the ambiguity that makes it artistic. Mona Lisa seems to be just on the edge of happiness/smiling and this one marginally touches sadness. Actually she/he is a clown with tears. I would like to believe it’s a pen she’s holding 😉 but look closely, isn’t it some kind of broad spatula, a makeup brush maybe?
      This one is hanging in a spare bedroom, but as I go to the room I get mixed feelings..

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  2. The poem fits this picture real well . There always seems to be some unknown concern whenever there is a sad clown…I guess in minds they should always be smiling , happy, and funny.


    • True, and that’s because as you said, there are set expectations from a role. People often wonder about clowns’reality, but even with their perpetual laughter and fooling around, it can be assumed that they have their secret worries piled up for long till the worries overflow from the eyes.


    • Yes, as per Feng Shui or Vaastu, we should have only positive elements inside our home. I always considered this one to be quite artistic but disturbing nevertheless. And my feelings became a poem.

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  3. Every painting has a story to tell, some are quite alluring and others pretty grime, and there are others which fall in between depicting mystery and mysticism. This belongs to the middle one with lots of embedded negative emotions strongly emanating from the face…but at the same time it is about the interpretation and the angle we want to look at a painting. The emotions that a painter wants to depict and the emotions that actually gets captured on the canvas and what a viewer experience seeing it will always have a disconnect.

    This realm of disconnect is what makes the painting more engaging and exciting…
    But love the way you have described the whole expression…the moot question is whether it serenity or sinister?

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    • I replied to your comment…saw it only now that I had typed it as a separate comment.

      What you say is true. There are all sorts of paintings.This one is enigmatic; it is up to us how we interpret it. In painting, as in any other art including writing or poetry, emotions that a creator has in mind don’t always get captured in their work, and then each reader/viewer sees it differently. In real life too, people’s feelings are never understood the way they actually are, and so it is in art.
      My poem…I use simple words to convey my thoughts 🙂 sometimes they make deep sense.
      Now I feel, the picture is sad, with a hint of serene and sinister.

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      • Indeed Alka, painting is such a fascinating canvas, so enigmatic and so much to explore the imagination. It is the colors and it is the combination, it is the hidden story that makes it so exciting to keep us well engaged.
        Never easy to understand the human feelings and there is an art in unraveling the mystery hidden in the subtle human relationships.

        The combination of words and pictures convey more than what we can communicate…but the poem what you have written conveys so much more and so beautifully.


  4. What a great poem! I was trying to analyze it as I read it.
    Look what an engaged community you have. Like I wrote you on my site, clearly, your followers love what you are doing here.
    Thanks again for visiting me on Monday. Pleased to meet you.

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    • Thanks Janice for dropping in, and liking my poem!
      My fellow bloggers are nice and we appreciate each other’s posts. But there is always a room for improvement so any suggestions are welcome.
      Did you write to me on your site too? I’ll go back and check.



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