To pill or not to pill

Looking at the way people consider cooking as a chore, I have manufactured a short and simple solution, a pill to take care of our basic need of eating food at regular intervals.

Although there already are too many hunger-killing as well as hunger enhancing food items in the shops, they do not serve the purpose. These hunger-killing shakes, drinks or snack bars, curb our urge while providing some nutrition.

My pill is different. Take a pill in the morning, take one in the evening.  Vitamin-PillsWith pills, you do not stop feeling hungry, you don’t curb your hunger but it’s taken care of by a simple sweet tiny pill. As such, you all take so many pills each day – for this vitamin and that vitamin.  With my two pills inside your guts, no need for food or any extra pill.

But, having gone through some of the responses to the survey Red Pill, Blue Pill, I am disheartened. My hopes are dashed. My business that had started to take-off, is in doldrums.That’s because you people are not happy with the idea of a pill.

Animals were happier than you. I fed some cows on these pills and they seemed pleased that they don’t have to keep hanging around pastures anymore. Animals don’t even have to cook their food but they still preferred gulping a pill to eating grass. No need to munch the whole day. My pill-fed cows were still happy to donate us humans ample milk for cheap, and baby cows fed on pills felt they won’t have to feel deprived of their mom’s milk.  The race horses said, they were happy that they’ll be able to slog the whole day without wasting time on eating food.

Humans, it seems, are different.  Sensual men and women love their senses – their mouths drooling at the sight of colorful food, their taste buds getting excited upon tasting sweet, sour, spicy, salty food.

How many times a day do we have to eat?  We humans imagine that overnight we kept a fast and we celebrate breaking this fast with our breakfast.  We need so many food times – lunch time, dinner time and tea times. In fact our life revolves around these food times.  Buying of wide variety of food, proper storage of perishable food, refrigeration, disposal of rotten food. Then we fuss over buying elegant cookware and dinnerware, and spend time and money on equipment and gadgets to make our cooking easier.  Serving food on fancy tables so as to please our eyes.  After that we overeat, put on weight and then feel guilty of not exercising enough.

We love our food. But this is the food given to us by animals and birds – their eggs, their milk, and they themselves sacrifice their life for us. Plants too give their full life or else their body parts to us, so that we can hog on them and live a healthy life.

My creation – this pill – will not only save these plants and animals but also help humans, esp. the fairer sex (I dare not say weaker sex) from slogging. I can reduce their kitchen workload; so they don’t have to keep pleasing their families.

So guys, please do re-consider your response to this prompt.  It can help the animal kingdom as well as human race.

That said, honestly speaking, I myself love wide variety of sumptuous food recipes cooked by my wife. I would never like to stop eating them.  Although I want to stop being a glutton, I hunt for best eateries around town. Don’t tell anyone but I’m not sure even after marketing these pills I may find myself unable to resist food. More than that I won’t be happy if my growing kids are deprived of micro-nutrients and calories they can get only from fresh food.  No pills for them.  My aging parents may not be able to tolerate a pill.

Oh well!  Is that another failed experiment?  Hope not. Hope one day my science finds some alternative solution. Not pills. Not too much food obsession the whole day. Something in between, and better than hunger-reducing snacks and shakes.

9 thoughts on “To pill or not to pill

    • You are right. They can’t afford good food and they need some solution for their hunger, though still not a pill.

      Well, that was all in fun mood, just to write something different. I love good food, eating as well as cooking.:) though at times we all get tired of it.

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  1. I like this write up and invention. Often I think eating takes up so much time – what to eat, where to eat, how much does it all cost… that takes up so much time. And eating takes up time too, and I’m a slow eater 😀 Then again, as you said, us humans have thing for food. It is indeed sensual to our five senses. In fact, it romances our five senses 😀

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    • Thanks Mabel. So you like the idea of a pill. I know what you mean. Planning about eating as well as eating does take up much of our time…but our body needs food and so food is life 🙂 Yes, as you said, it romances our five senses.
      I too used to eat leisurely as if it’s a chore. I don’t know how that happened but I changed recently..
      To make things easier, it’s a good idea to try to prepare a list of weekly menu, both for home cooking as well as when alloting days for eating out…have your favorites.

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  2. Fanciful thinking, Alka. However, it need not stop with the food pill. It may advance to figuring out a contraption to aid dynamic excretion’ that can be retro-fitted on to humans, and disposed off on the go, whereby requirement for toilets and toilet time is mostly eliminated, mostly and not fully because visitation to a static toilet may be limited to just showering. If food and water pill can become a material reality, dynamic excretion can be a logical corollary.

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    • Fanciful indeed! From one to the other, any number of propositions can follow. Once a pill sets in, it would eliminate a need for a full-fledged digestive system that aids in break down and distribution of foods. Consequently, excretory system as it exists today, would become redundant. So yes, dynamic excretion, though not pleasant to imagine today, would be a simpler version of what it is today 🙂

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