Luigi – The Bruised Assassin

Here’s my first ever short story for ‘Mondays Finish the Story’.
In this challenge, the first line of the story is given to us and we finish the rest. The inspiration comes from the picture provided.


The picture for the story by  – Barbara W. Beacham

Luigi – The Bruised Assassin

The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be…a serial killer!  While the news about yet another killing embarrassed the family, they were equivocal in their disbelief.

One jeering aunt remembered how baby Luigi always played by himself, “One-by-one he would take all marbles out of the box, and put them back…”

That reminded Uncle Tom, how at a community fair, young Luigi won an award for eating twelve burgers in a row.

Aunt Alda retorted “But don’t forget he was almost a fanatic! How he broke one glass after the other, just because we laughed at him after his burger binge”

Luigi’s mother was hurt by such talks. She knew her son had intensity about him. But she could rely on him for any repetitive task, though not on her other kids.

“My hardworking sensitive child! Only if his huge family had helped him with anger management”, she defended her son regretfully.

It so happened that when Luigi was ditched by his very close university friend, the tiff ended up violent. One accidental murder then led to many others, till Luigi became a runaway.


Did I take little Luigi to a dangerous territory? He could very well have grown up to be a teacher, doctor, fire-fighter or a saint.
I wrote another story where Luigi is a fashion model. You can read it here: Luigi – The Alto Achiever

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Written by Alka Girdhar. Copyright © 2015 ~ All rights reserved

22 thoughts on “Luigi – The Bruised Assassin

    • Thanks! It requires strength and resilience to face adversity. Some have it naturally, while others develop character in right home environment, which includes identifying and getting rid of any bad traits. A single bad trait can play against us in our bad times.

      Some get right guidance, in case something really goes wrong.


    • Very true. Mothers often cover up for their children’s flaws. But sometimes only mothers can see some positivity in their child’s negative trait that others make fun of. Every quality can be geared to be productive.
      Thanks for your insight 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. A dark tale indeed! Nicely done! I am happy that you found the MFtS challenge! I hope that you stick with it and that I can read another story next week. Now I am on to your next submission for this week’s challenge… Be well…. ^..^


    • It’s a grim tale, even with its hidden message. Participating in MFtS challenge was fun as well as inspirational towards good writing. Story writing is new to me, but definitely I would love to come up with more stories whenever possible.
      Thanks for your encouragement 🙂


  2. Great story Alka! I think the sentence that was most telling to me was, the sentence about the huge family not helping him with anger managment. Although it isn’t the family’s fault, he could have been given better guidance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Joy! Any appreciation coming for a great story-teller like you means a lot.
      You got it right. Basically, when people live in huge families, they absorb all the good and bad, and often some sort of hidden bullying can ruin their personality in such a way that they take it out on wrong people. Small symptoms of a child having problems may go ignored in larger family activities.
      Here, it was when he lost it all, that the family sat and remembered him for what he was…as if they really knew him well.

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