Kleptomania Aborted

(My Haiku using the words Bird & Red)

Too bird-brained she was
To thus get caught red-handed
Thief’s Labor Lost

I’m not making fun of some woman caught stealing by a shop-keeper via his CC camera.

“What was she doing? Stealing? My gosh!!  But she’s so well-off, does she need to steal a lipstick?”

“She’s a kleptomaniac”

Kleptomania is the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items and is done for reasons other than personal use or financial gain, defines Wikipedia

So, is this stealing compulsion a depression of a some sort?  After all this act is for some emotional satisfaction rather than material gains. Kleptomaniacs often steal things they do not really need.

While this mania is not totally harmless, there are often no ill-intentions as such towards the product owner. That’s why stealing is carried out without any intelligent plan, and hence many kleptomaniacs are caught, esp. when it becomes too much of a habit.

And because most kleptomaniacs are women, it makes sense that women make news for getting caught stealing petty things.

Men. Either they never steal…or they do not get caught.

Jokes apart, women are generally reputed to seek happiness through shopping, what we positively call ‘retail therapy’. For some, excessive shopping that is seemingly harmless does help fill emotional vacuum, while others who are more emotionally disturbed, take this shopping addiction a step further to find comfort in addiction to stealing.

Possibly it’s not as innocent as that. It could be a bad habit from childhood carried till adulthood. A moral lesson not learnt.

Whatever it is, the need is to not make fun of anyone who’s addicted to this kind of petty stealing but get the person to seek counseling so that the root cause of their problem can be traced.


My Haiku poem and thoughts in response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 59.
Key words given: Bird & Red

7 thoughts on “Kleptomania Aborted

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  2. I disagree Alka. The only story I had read about kleptomania long ago was that of a man. Probably they never get caught but their guilt keeps plaguing them, a grim reminder that they need to deal with this habit. It is more like developing a strong willpower!

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    • After writing this post, and re-reading it, I had asked myself –Am I defaming women?
      Although statistics do convey women to be more into it but stats could be at least partially wrong esp., as I wrote, if men don’t get caught. Overall, men being aggressive are generally more into ruthless big time robberies as well as petty ones like attacking a passer-by to snatch his/her wallet or mobile phone. Maybe that too is like kleptomania as not all robbers really need or use all the things they steal.
      For men as well as women Kleptomaniacs, the basic reason needs to be addressed. Strengthening one’s will power is definitely a way to go, esp. at initial stages of temptation. Later on, an addict would not even know what she/he is doing, quite like compulsive alcoholics and gamblers.

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