Hashtagged Lives of Social Media Junkies



(Lonesome twitterer sitting on road-side wired network)


#Hashtagged Lives of #SocialMedia Junkies

This life full of hash tags
Our fragile life support

These jumbled networks on the net
Too widespread, too shallow yet

These fluctuating statistical dips
Ego-boosting followers and likers

These spheres in the blogosphere
Going everywhere, reaching where?

This highly connected disconnect
Surmounts isolation, then rejects

We, the wirelessly wired, the restfully tired
Our sleepless sleeps, our aimless aims

Where are we all going hand-in-hand
Riding this media horse, towards what end??

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The lonesome twittering Crested Pigeon, that I pictured from many angles,  is commonly found in Australia. It is often solitary and makes distinct whistling calls and hooting sounds, to draw attention of others like him.

My poem and the lonely pigeon convey one aspect of social media – that it has connected us all like never before and yet disconnected us from the real world…a bitter reality we find hard to digest.

On the other hand, without media I wouldn’t have been able to share this post with you.


Feel free to share your thoughts via your comments.

12 thoughts on “Hashtagged Lives of Social Media Junkies

  1. “riding this media horse, towards what end??” What a great (rhetorical) question at the end, Alka. Makes you wonder why are we all on social media and hanging around this blog world 😀 It’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers, stats and likes…but at the end of the day, they are just that. The online world can be such a powerful place of learning, of opening our minds to cultures unknown to us when we forget about the competition of numbers and figures. That’s one reason why I blog: to share my ideas, and to interact with like-minded individuals and hear their perspectives too 🙂

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    • Yes, this question does arise, esp. as it did when I wrote this poem today morning. It was one of those moods 🙂 I mentioned blogosphere but it’s more so in all other social media. Facebook and Twitter are an obsession where people get so caught up that they forget real life. Blogging is of course enlightening and there’s a nice community.

      Mabel, your case is different. You have a focused site, a niche on topics about your culture that only you, being Australian-Malaysian would know about, so probably you don’t have to worry that much where your blog is taking you. Your readers will come to you only if they are interested in your established niche, and of course because you write well. But as far as general sites with multiple topics, and that too written in too many genres, are concerned…well they’re so wide in their scope that they network a lot to fetch a few readers. I saw that happening here. Those who don’t network much, and have too much writing going on without any focused goals, they get exhausted and they need to re-think.

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      • Inspiration hits us at the oddest times 😉 While social media can be a distraction to what we want to and have to do, often they can be sources of inspiration too.

        Thanks, Alka. At times I do feel it would be great to be a part of something (e.g. expat, travel, education community) here in the blog world…sometimes I think I’m a bit too niche but then again, we’re all unique 🙂

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        • True…like this poem was born out of my bad mood 🙂

          Mabel, your blog is nice in content and style. Although you use the same theme, yours is in white and mine is black 🙂 The ship on this one needs to go, I feel.
          Yes, yours is a niche blog but that’s what you felt like sharing with the world and it turned out wonderful. You know a lot about both cultures. You can have another one later on…maybe on education.
          Actually, I too had started a blog on Aust-Indians, but didn’t write anything for a long time so might as well forget about it now.

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  2. Hi Alka,

    You can go to admn page to delete that double comment! you can also click below it which says edit and then delete it.

    You are evolving quite well and so quickly. Your following has grown faster than menu of us. We all need social media for several reasons and I am so glad it connects us in a jiffy. This blgosphere is so amiable and helpful, I am amazed at its pace but at the same time it gives us the freedom to follow ours! Nothing is aimless and whatever words we put together will make a mark somewhere, some day!

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    • Thanks Balroop! Actually, I had left that double comment for Mabel so that she can see it in the morning.

      I mentioned blogosphere, but generally it gives more than it takes. I’ve been able to write so much because I loved blogging for what it gave me – freedom and space to write.And not to forget such encouraging fellow bloggers. If one gets too carried away and starts attempting all the time-bound prompts and challenges, now that can be exhausting. Social media is needed but it shouldn’t become an addiction that it normally does. Balance is the key. Writing books along with some controlled blogging is the best.
      Thanks for your generous comments!


  3. If you enjoy the learning process for what it is by researching, writing and reading what others have to share it is well worth it. Keeping up with numbers does the learning process no justice. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    • Being a perpetual academic in various disciplines, I’ve always enjoyed learning for what it is. Hence, till some time back I hardly ever looked at my stats/followers…rather felt shy of following any strategies prescribed to increase our network.
      In my poem I’m not talking about myself or anyone…but overall obsession with likes and followers, more so in social media like FB, not just blogging.

      I appreciate your well-meaning views. Thanks!


  4. Alka, this poem is so precise and profound…every word you have chosen has a something to say more that what the word meaning conveys, there is a real meaning and there is a virtual significance. Yes, life is indeed become more fragile and the hash tags are ruling is. We all have disconnect from the virtual world to connect with the real self. We all live in two different world and lost in the wilderness…every stanza is powerful but I had a special preference to the following lines both for its rhythm and reasons;
    “these spheres in the blogosphere
    going everywhere, reaching nowhere”

    Indeed we are wirelessly wired and restlessly tired.
    It is time for us to pause and reflect, life is more than just work and communication in the digital world and life is more than just “likes”, it has become very mechanical…

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    • Thanks Nihar for liking my poem and for understanding its essence. I realize, it may offend many people.

      Generally, we all like social media and we try to use it to our advantage but sometimes we worry as it takes up so much of our time, esp. when we have other unmet goals too. Honestly speaking, blogging is wonderful for writers, that too in many ways…but again, it’s not a real world, if that’s what you crave. That way even Facebook has some benefits, though it has given rise to narcissism as well as fake friendships. Real life connections are better but these days most people spend their free time on social media.

      As you said, it has become very mechanical… we are either writing or reading stuff. We carry media with us all the time, in devices big and small. We’re scared to leave it. We feel as if taking a break or gap will make people forget us. Yes, that’s how insecure it is…but it’s here to stay and it’s for our benefit if we want it to be so.

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      • One thing in life that is so important in life is the word “balance”, so much to do and so many things as our options, and there is this limited time at disposal. We were all living in one world till yesterday and we were not able to manage our life and balancing things was a growing challenge. Top of it today we are living in two world, one real and the other virtual, it is tempting and it is easy to get swayed by the virtual world management and excitement…balance in life is what we need, the balance between the real and the digital world, the balance between the real needs and the want to acquire so many things which is beyond luxury.
        Social media is a double edged sword, if we use beyond a point is eats away our quality time and if we use less than what is required we may lose the opportunity to get the best things in life…

        Your poems are always so profound, a joy to read and I cherish those beautiful thoughts that you keep churning out in each of your poems. This was indeed exceptional with the choice of words and the combination of thoughts, that was so thought provoking.

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