She Loved the Falling of Red Rain…

Here’s my third short story based on the below picture.  Too many stories on the same photo prompt? A Sunday mind is a devil’s workshop creating stories.
For: Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) hosted by Priceless Joy.


She loved the falling of red rain…

I’m not sure whether it was due to my persistent prepartum urges for red foods or some other reason, my daughter was born loving red.

Sarah opened her eyes to love playing only with red toys. She was her happiest in her red frocks.

Everyday she wanted to have strawberries and red apples in her school lunch-box. Or rice with red capsicum. Now, how many children love capsicum?

One side-shelf of my refrigerator is exclusively for crimson drinks. Unable to find enough red drinks, I happen to throng grocery stores from ethnic cultures to buy their rose sherbets.

Recently, during home renovations, Sarah wanted her window-pane to be tinted red. Why? So that she can see burgundy rain falling while she sleeps comfy on her pinkish-red pillow.

Given these facts, it was but natural for me to feel happy when her fascination for red became her joyful career as a doctor.  Especially as I remembered, that this was the very reason I had given up medicine as a career, for I was as afraid of the sight of red blood as she wasn’t. She in fact loved it.


prepartum:  pregnancy phase before delivery

Header picture shows digital motion graphic of red blood cells flowing through veins.
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17 thoughts on “She Loved the Falling of Red Rain…

    • Thank you Ameena for liking this story! 🙂 In this one I did focus on the main color though there were other options coming to my mind.


  1. I love how you used the color red as the dominate color in your story and how it is the little girl’s favorite color. I also loved how she became a physician because she loves the color red. Wonderful story Alka! Now I’m going to go read the next story. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks you, Joy!! Children often have unique tastes 🙂 Sure she carried it too far but finally it was her weakness or should we say strange obsession that turned out to be beneficial for her. I’m glad you liked the story.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very enjoyable story. 😊 I like the way you took the color red and it dominating to the point of her career. Some children go in the same direction as the parent and others will have nothing to do with it. My mother was a registered nurse…had three girls and none of us had any desire to have any type of a medical career.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jessie 🙂 Usually, any kind of extreme fascination is not beneficial. But again it depends on the field. Nice to know you had medical stream in your family, and see…you had no interest. It happens when over-exposure causes aversion or disinterest. Practically speaking, if children go in the same direction as parents, they have a chance of gaining from their experience – a head-start. But people always want to carve their own path.


    • Thanks !
      Yes, they do…esp. if one has strong likes and dislikes. The view of colored rain falling on window pane :)…I too love watching rain.


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