For the Cute and Homely Witches

My previous short story – The Lives of Witches & Bitches  – for this week’s flash fiction challenge Mondays Finish the Story was a bit sad. Now I’ve written this second fun story to humor myself and others.
In MFtS…we are given a picture and the beginning line, we create and finish the rest of it.


For the Cute and Homely Witches

“From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by” –  This was the opening phrase of the drama that her 8th Grade was presenting, and enthusiastic Sheena had been diligently practicing her dialogues.

Her amazed and amused mom decided to pull her leg. “Are you playing the role of a witch? Ha ha…my girl who doesn’t even like to touch a broom.

Maa! Who says witches use a broom to clean their room. They sit on it and flyyyy away!.

Oh really? But you don’t even like cooking. Witches spend hours cooking in cauldrons

Mom, what do you mean? Indian women too love using cauldrons and the way they eagerly brew herbs and spices. So, are they…??”

Mom was amused by the reverse logic in what her daughter said but she cleverly smiled it away and replied, “Of course Indian women cast a magical spell on others with their healing food

Sheena decided to ignore this one. She sat humming “Double double, toil and trouble…”

Mom laughed, “No toil for you my delicate baby, but you are my trouble. Very naughty trouble!

This time, Sheena decided to win her heart. Walking up to her mom, she hugged her from behind and said “That I am!”

~~~~ ~~~

Double, double toil and trouble.
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”
…lines from Shakespeare’s Macbeth where the three witches chant together as they put stuff in a cauldron.


9 thoughts on “For the Cute and Homely Witches

    • Thanks! Yes, I have seen many similar happy anecdotes between moms and daughters. My mother also always insisted that we learn as many good-girl skills as possible, and for sure they were useful in life.

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