Time, Intention, Energy for Love

Here’s my short story attempt for the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. This week’s photo prompt is by Graham Lawrence.


Time, Intention, Energy for Love

It was the third time within the same year that Maria found herself searching for good tenants for her property – a beautiful house with lush gardens.

For forty long years she thus cared for her plants that there never was a rose neglected, nor could weeds sneakily occupy the place.  But as age caught up, she moved to an aged-care home.

Another retired couple, who soon occupied her house, had looked keen about the plants when signing the rental agreement. But other than strong motivation or loads of free time, caring for a huge garden demands plentiful energy. The couple soon left for a smaller place they could cope with.

Maria now rented it to a young family. And sure enough their school going kids did love romping around the yard during weekends. But during weekdays, the over-worked corporate couple and the tired kids would come home after a long day. Energy of youth was unaided by shortage of time and lack of motivation, hence the plants didn’t even get sufficient water sprinkling.

While a dried up garden and dejected flowers told a sad story, this young family too moved out when the professional man got a lucrative job in another country.

For selecting her third tenants, perplexed Maria now did some deep thinking.  She scanned the rental applications carefully and decided to go for a cheerful middle-aged lady who was an artist by profession.

Maria is now her happiest ever.  Her garden is blooming like never before, and the bonus is that her flowers are a part of many award winning paintings.


The word count of my above story is not appropriate but that’s how I could do this week.
Moreover I’ve been away from blogging as I’m unable to find time, intention and energy for writing.

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

15 thoughts on “Time, Intention, Energy for Love

  1. I thought this was a wonderful short fiction story with a happy ending. Short and simple, and yet so heartwarming. And it sort of parallels your busy week – very clever. Sorry to hear you’ve been lacking energy from writing. Sometimes life calls. There is always a time for work and there will always be a time for play. Such is life 🙂

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    • Thank you Mabel! Given my current non-blogging mood, I was doubtful about this story but it turned out fine. You are so right. Sometimes various tasks get mixed up. Busy schedule…and lack of motivation. At times we feel a dire need to write/blog here, and then there are times we get self-conscious about what we are writing; doubting the whole purpose of it. Need to think deeply as Maria did 🙂


      • There is more to life than just blogging, but then again, through blogging we engage with so many different perspectives. Balance is so hard to achieve, but if we work at it, I’m sure we can find time for what we want to do 🙂

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        • That’s true! Life has many issues popping up, some of them sudden, while others were always there but got overlooked while getting too absorbed as a new blogger. Blogging is wonderful for writers. It can very well be a major part of our life but as you say…balance is the key .
          I’m not going away 🙂 I’ll find time.

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  2. You seem to have something against young families and retired couples, Alka, so that section of your audience is taking strong objection to the story, slanted in favour of a middle aged artist. Displeased? Not to worry, as the jury in me overrules the objection, deciding to like the story. Keep going…

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    • My sincere apologies if this story has offended any age-group. I have nothing against anyone. We all are young, we all are old, and in between too.
      The story is true to its context, that is, a middle-class suburb of any big city in Australia where, unlike some other countries, people do their house-hold work by themselves. After a particular age, many people sell their unmanageable houses to live in a retirement village or a smaller apartment.
      I’m not displeased. My blogging friends have a right to correct me if I write something objectionable. In a way you are right. Rather many youngsters are passionate about gardening and so are most elderly.
      Thanks for your insight!

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  3. Hi Alka,

    That is a lovely thought, which has realism and expectations intertwined. This reminds me how much my own daughter neglects her lovely backyard, which blooms with roses, without any care…the sprinklers and the weekly visit of yard care takers do their best to keep it clean and green! Who has the time to look around when kids demand and deserve all the time after work?

    Now that you have taken time off from blogging, I am sure you will come back with a more planned approach of a serious blogger. All the best for rethinking!

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    • Hi Balroop,

      Thanks for understanding that this story is a realistic portrayal of characters within our own lives…as we all are/were young, we are towards middle-age and will be old one day. A young family has a tight schedule and kids are a priority, so your daughter has a right approach towards her daily chores. In fact, I had a portion of my own life in mind when writing this story.

      Balroop, I will continue to be here whenever I can. I’m not sure how to be a serious blogger but will think of something. Maybe I need a separate site for stories, and keep writing here too as I did before..
      Thanks for your kind views!

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  4. Great story Alka! I’m glad that Maria was able to finally find the right tennant for her rental property, someone who takes care of the beautiful garden. I love how pleased she is with her choice and that the garden is part of so many wonderful paintings. Nicely done! Thank you for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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    • Thank you Joy! Indeed if a person has spent a major part of one’s life on pets and plants, it becomes a sensitive matter to see them neglected. Artists and photographers well appreciate and nurture beauty of nature esp. if they still are well into their profession. It’s a pleasure participating in FFfAW challenge.

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    • That’s true! People have different interests and passions, and that’s where they like to expend their time and energy. Thanks for your appreciative insight 🙂

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