Walking Down the Path…Soul-Searching


‘You know you are on the right path, when you feel inspired, energized and happy about your actions’

This quote by Doreen Virtue generally applies to every path we walk in life, and I would say it’s also a great reality check for those who are aspiring to be a writer.

Whether writing gives us any material benefit or not, it should make us feel inspired, energized and happy. Writing should come naturally. It should not be a forced act.

Testing myself against these criteria, indeed there are times when I’m unable to write much but such moments are very few, as normally speaking I have rather too much to write.

Also, writing almost always makes me feel happy, though at times when writing deep stories and poems, I do feel slightly depressed. Probably that’s the cathartic part of writing process and therefore, happiness in writing is all about eventual contentment derived from the overall process of writing as it becomes food for our soul.

It’s a different issue that, even after identifying how happy we feel in this act of writing, we may still hesitate to consider writing as our sole career path.  Along with other apprehensions, we may fear it will make us an introvert, esp. if we have other options that are seemingly more lucrative as well as socially more vibrant. This is when we need to take a tough decision – Do I love writing enough to let go of every other path?

This soul-searching is necessary because, in any field, success can be obtained by not only ascertaining that this definitely is a right track for us, but also by patiently staying focused while slowly treading the path that may or may not give desired results in a ‘worldly’ sense. And yet, if we are more or less sure we are following a right path by being a writer, the least it will give us is mental fulfillment and inner peace.

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7 thoughts on “Walking Down the Path…Soul-Searching

  1. This a beautiful quote, thank you for sharing it. I loved what you wrote about deciding writing as a solo career. As much as I love and can’t do without writing, I kinda like the way it’s takes up a section of my life rather than my life as a whole. ☺


    • Thanks Ameena! The quote does apply on most people, esp. those who are still very young. Thanks to the online media…one can have writing as a manageable part of one’s life.

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  2. And again writing can take up a large part of one’s life, if one’s life is taken over by online media. Almost everyone is a writer these days and that is one of the advantages of the modern world.

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    • Exactly. If writing simple stuff for online media is so time consuming, then the actual writing of books upon books is a full time job. So one should honestly assess one’s potential and decide whether writing should be a hobby or a career. Yes, everyone is a writer these days. Genuine creativity is still uncommon…plenty of plagiarism around.

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  3. Soul searching. It’s always a scary process and we come to question what truly matters to us and what we really enjoy doing – and whether we have time for what we love. Ultimately, making a living needs to come first. I love the quote that you shared. Positivity and being not only gives us hope, but it also uplifts us and more often than not drives us to be ourselves. Earlier this year I was in a number-crunching job that I didn’t like. Then I moved away from that to a completely different job and I enjoy it so much more. Along with this enthusiasm comes more energy, and even after work I have more energy to write 🙂

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    • Yes, it is scary. Because once our inner truths are revealed to us we may have to leave the familiar and walk out of our comfort zone towards some unknown path. The best situation is where we can be ourselves while combining the act of making a living and also doing things that we love.
      I think that’s what you are doing now – as you recognize that your current job is the one you like better, which also makes you feel more energetic about another task you love doing, that is, writing.
      Thanks Mabel for your input as it made me think further 🙂

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