My Prized Possessions


My little Smiles and Laughter
Lucrative gems that sparkle
Happiness they scatter
Alter moods, of one and all.

Memories – good and bad
Jewels that forever shine
Childhood, youth, family, friends
Homes and precious faces gone

Creative moments spent
Writing fine words and rhymes
Listening to and singing
Favorite classy golden songs

Life – a necklace of pearls
Each life-breath counts
For as life seconds tick by
All valuables are gone


My response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:  Pride and Joy
‘What’s your most prized possession?’

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

16 thoughts on “My Prized Possessions

  1. People around you must be already enriched by all those lucrative gems of yours, Alka. I wish I were in your neighbourhood. Do flash some on to warm winds passing by as it will purvey the same to your well wishers farther afield…best wishes.

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    • Thank you! I do keep bringing some of these gems here on my blog as you all do on your blogs. Sharing the seconds and minutes of our lives, creative moments, occasional humor and of course constant memories about people and places.

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  2. Waw… so well expressed… The concluding para is simply awesome…
    ” ‘Life’ – a necklace of pearls
    Each life-breath counts
    For as life seconds tick by
    All valuables are gone ”

    great write up… 🙂


  3. Loved your poetry Alka.. Apologies it took a while to get back to you.. Only I have had a few issues with WP accessing blogs.. as the pages have been freezing on me when I log into them.
    Your poem was lovely..
    You share the very best of ingredients that are the precious jewels in Life.. Laughter, smiles and creativity creating last memories with loved ones..
    Many thanks for directing me to your lovely poem Alka.
    Blessings Sue xx

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    • Thank you so much Sue! Your words of appreciation mean a lot to me. Lately, there have been problems with WP; I read this elsewhere too. Even with these problems you replied so quickly.

      As I saw your lovely poem, I was reminded of my poem and I felt like sharing. I am happy to know you liked it. Thanks again! My poem and your poem got us connected. I’ll visit your blog from time to time to read your wonderful posts.

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