To Be Enlightened…

Just now I read Balroop Singh’s poem ‘A Journey’, at her blog Emotional Shadows.
At first I took it as a simple poem. Then as I re-read her poem and dissected it, there started a whole thought process in my mind.

Reading her lines…she says she’s robbed of certain things.

You have always robbed me
Of my happiness, my triumph
Weakened my strength, my confidence
Rubbished my care, my concern
Hurt my most cherished memories

Being robbed is a strong feeling. It’s not easy to say that. We can only be robbed of something that we once possessed, and here in her case it’s happiness, care, confidence (in people? In herself?). People for whom we cared too much have ‘rubbished’ this care by shutting themselves off, and this hurts only because these people were different, probably they too cared once upon a time but now ‘indifferent’ towards us.

Her love can’t reach that person anymore but still she’s willing to absorb his/her incredible indifference.

‘My love can’t reach there anymore

Your incredible indifference
Could reach me… I’ve absorbed it.’

Distanced hearts. Family members change. Friends change. Overall the hurt is always about first having something that assured a lot of happiness and then losing it altogether; a total sense of loss – not material but that of time and emotions spent. Life spent.

But Balroop has found a path out of all this. A ‘flight of fantasy’, a ‘detachment’, as she enters her own ‘exotic realm’, embarking her own journey. Once again, a question of ‘flight’ also arises only if we were stuck or too involved in a particular situation for long, often at the cost of overlooking other things or people. Likewise, we can only be ‘detached’ from those people, situations or relations with whom we were too attached once.

Overall, I would say this process is eventually liberating. It may seem as if this liberation comes with a price…that of losing the object of your care, love, concern and attachment. But liberation also brings this ‘light’ which, as Balroop says, seems ‘strange’ at first. But that’s because you are not used to seeing things differently. One corner of your heart wishes to remain stuck in the previous wallowing situation. Because letting go of this sentimentalism will also mean letting go of the person of our focus and love.

Finally, we either let go, or forgive them for not caring for us as much as we do. Which also means thereafter we may end up loving them unconditionally, thus accepting whatever little attention they give or do not give.

I am immersed in a strange light
Streaming through me
Sending the waves of forgiveness
Spreading the message of love

Thus, if previously they were the only ones who had changed, now finally we too have changed. With this change of focus, now our love will also be no more fixated on these few people who demanded and consumed our life. Our love and care is now meant to be shared with many different people, whosoever needs it more. That is enlightenment.

I feel, as we grow older, we learn these lessons within our families and friends.  I do not know what exactly Balroop was talking about, and which particular relations – possibly children, family, siblings, beloved; in fact it can be anyone and during any phase of life. We all encounter these people who have intentionally or unintentionally changed thus compelling us to change as well; albeit positively as we learn to carve our own self-sufficient happiness that’s not dependent on others.


See how I wrote and wrote. That’s typical of Balroop’s work. It may or may not bombard you at the outset but it’s thought-provoking. Her every post is full of thoughts that apply on everyday lives of each one of us. It may even seem like we already know (from experience) what she’s saying. Yes we do, and still we don’t. Even if we do, she compels us to think and re-think, while healing some of the inner wounds. Pick up a random post from her site and be enlightened. I know her only via blogging world and since then have gained some insights.

The views in this psot were meant to be left as comments, as a response to her actual poem. But it became very lengthy so I posted it here.


My above thoughts on my fellow bloggers’s penultimate post seem appropriate for The Daily Post’s current prompt Companionable

14 thoughts on “To Be Enlightened…

  1. Oh! my goodness!! Alka you have written such profound and beautiful words while analysing my poem…I am touched! Thank you is a very small word for what all you have said, not just about one poem but about all my posts. I am so happy to note that I have such friends who read and really read to understand the depth of thoughts. Isn’t it strange that those moments, which give so much pain that such words flow out spontaneously later on bring so much of happiness? Life is so paradoxical!!

    I appreciate your wonderful words, which have added so much value to my poem. This one is a very old poem, an excerpt from my poetry book ‘Sublime Shadows Of Life.’ It was actually very negative and dark, written during a murky mood but I added the last stanza to give a touch of positivity, to uplift myself from the agony…as you know I often talk about embracing pain and becoming your own therapist. I actually felt much better after writing this and there are many more such poems, which heal my hurts whenever I re-read them.

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    • Balroop, I just expressed what came into my heart after reading your poem. Maybe my own mood was philosophical today, something which I try to avoid nowadays. Your site is based on emotions and relations which means we all can in some way of the other relate to what you write. It is paradoxical, this pleasurable pain concept of life. Looking at things objectively from the distance is what adds different dimensions to even painful events.

      I thought your poem conveys your current mood…so thanks for sharing further information about this poem’s background, and yes we all go through dark and negative phases in life. You are one of those authors who generalize their experiences and never make their work too personal. And this is what makes your emotions apply to every person’s life and relationships, at all times. I’m sure your poems in your book are a great read for all those looking for answers.

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  2. This was a beautiful analysis of Balroop’s poem, and I totally agree with what you have said here, especially admitting that we are robbed of a feeling such as love or trust. We feel taken advantage of, and who’s to say that won’t happen to us again.

    But when we forgive, we choose to move on and “we learn to carve our own self-sufficient happiness that’s not dependent on others.” Such a profound line, Alka. The older we get, the more we realise that happiness often doesn’t come from the things we own but our perspective and appreciating what we have around us. People change, and people come and go in our lives so while they are still there, why not enjoy their company. If we disagree with each other, respect them for who they are and move along 🙂

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    • Thanks Mabel! In my case it was like going with the flow of feelings and probably so for Balroop as well. One feels robbed when there’s somebody who just doesn’t let us have what we deserve to have, what makes you happy. I’ve talked to some parents whose children have left home forever and do not care much. They too feel suddenly bereft of all that they had There are partners whose prime duty is to encourage the other but it may not always be so. Same with siblings and friends. Anywhere we have great expectations, it’is there that we feel most robbed. Of course as you say, it’s our perspective that has to be right and enjoy while we have them around us. Nothing is forever. Life is a learning experience. 🙂

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    • Exactly so. Moreover, this robbing or raping of our confidence may happen so slowly that the victim may not even believe it’s happening; but soon the very identity, our heart and soul, is gone. That’s why one should listen to others but believe in oneself the most and do only what your own heart says.

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      • So true, so true. Sometimes, marriage and even when there is so much love involves the rape of one person’s personality by the other partner, till there remains only a vestige of the original personality of the first partner. So sad because marriage is supposed to be a relationship of equality but often ends up being a lop sided one.

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