Of Abandoned Truths and Pleasant Lies


deviant art: Eve Blackwood


Living with Abandoned Truths and Pleasant Lies

She left me, this mother mine
But fills my whole world
Leaves no place untouched
No moment unharmed
Nothing intact!

Oh my perturbed mind!
Come with me to a realm
That’s beyondthe intricacies
Of lying truths and truthful lies.
Let me be me, just me
An adamant human
With a pliable heart
Forgiving and kind.

One day, like other souls
Thus steering through life
Detached, stoic and solitary
I’ll carve a new meaning of life
Within merciless treacheries
And unasked-for strife
That I never deserved
But I invariably derived.

She left me
But fills my whole world
Leaves no place untouched
Yet no moment harmed
My life’s complete.
Peace! Oh peace!!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

My poem was inspired by ‘Mother Mine, a beautiful poem written by Jason OM (Opinionated Man) of the blog Harsh Reality.

While it’s hard for a child to forgive one’s mother if she deserted her baby or gave up her child to others, but one can try. A child who has never seen his/her mother…needs to love one’s mother unconditionally, quite like most mothers love their child anyway.

My above thoughts on my fellow bloggers’s post seem appropriate for The Daily Post’s current writing prompt Abandoned  .

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