It’s All about Expression, Connection, Fixation…and Love.

It’s very simple. The reason why I blog.

It’s the reason why cave-men wrote their scripts on cave walls.  And the reason why a graffiti-artist takes it out on roadside walls.  And the reason why a toddler speaks his first words at mother’s call.

It’s the reason why a dancer cannot stop herself from dancing.  And the reason why a fine voice just cannot restrain from singing.  And the reason why a foodie hogs on food to the point of binging.

It’s the reason why sun comes out each day, to bless and kiss us all.  And the reason why the morning birds chirp and pour out their heart.  And the reason why I feel a need to talk, talk and talk.

It’s the reason a social-activist fights for a cause, giving her all.  And the reason why a scientist seeks truth and light, renouncing wealth and all. And the reason people fall in love, doesn’t matter if it makes them fall, consumes their all.

It’s the reason I have a craving for my morning cup of tea. And the reason why my sweet-tooth for words, brings me here to my blog. And the reason God sent me here to meet you all, to know you all.

For where else and who else would bear and like my writing, like you do all?



My poem was written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Million-Dollar Question:  Why do you blog?

Also shared for Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

29 thoughts on “It’s All about Expression, Connection, Fixation…and Love.

  1. I agree with all… llllll the reasons Alka and love your ‘sweet tooth for the words’ expression. Writing is as natural for writers as any other daily chore, without which we could feel stifled.
    Keep writing and breathing out fresh words, they definitely connect!

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    • Thanks Balroop! Yes we do have sweet tooth for words. There’s a craving and restlessness that all writers can relate to. Indeed like communicating in all other forms, and quite like our vital talking and body language, writing too is essential to the survival of the writer inside us.
      Will keep writing till inspiration strikes. Till now I’ve been like some zombie compelled to write with eyes closed.

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  2. What a lovely and simple take on why you blog. I like it. I blog because it’s a form self-expression for me. I feel free to say what I want to say. It’s my space on my blog, so no one’s stopping me from what I want to say 🙂 Love the fun image you shared there. Writing a book and writing a blog post is totally two different things and can be time consuming. But if we love doing either, then we can’t help it 😀

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    • Thanks 🙂 It’s nice to know your reasons for blogging. Yes Mabel, it’s about self-expression. Blogging gives so much freedom. It’s our personal space and we can use it the way we want. Writing a book and blogging simultaneously is a lot of work esp. if one starts blogging a new post every single day. It has to be a planned approach, like you have. So how’s your book going? Is it on the same/similar topics as in your blog?


      • I really admire bloggers who blog every day, even if it’s putting up one photo every day. As you said, they must be very organised. My book is coming along slow. Yes, similar topics to my blog. Don’t feel inspired of late, but I’m sure at some point I will feel more enthused. Bit tired of late. Hope you are doing well, Alka 🙂

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        • I’m pretty much regular but I feel people who blog less and focus more on their serious writing are more organized with their time. Their blog posts are not random. Good luck with your book! I too thought it would be on similar topics as now you know a lot about both cultures. Am sure it will turn out well as you are very meticulous in your work.

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  3. I like your poem very much and the cave drawings! I think it’s because you touch on an essence that I don’t recall reading elsewhere…and I do enjoy the poetic delivery.


    • Thanks! If my work strikes a chord somewhere, I feel more than amply rewarded. Yes, these were spontaneous original thoughts. The poetic form here is plain and simple which I suppose goes with these thoughts.

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  4. Thank you Alka. I hope you like my reblog of your poem. This is my personal message. There is another reblog note, but it is WordPress automated. The reblog is prescheduled so it won’t actually appear until about 9 hours from now..on my Friday morning at 7 AM EST.


    • Thank you! It’s very nice of you to have reblogged my poem. I tried accessing the reblogged page but it said…’Oops! That page can’t be found.’ Now I know why 🙂 I will check it when it appears.

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      • Sorry about the confusion. I am happy to reblog your poem…I am thinking of doing a reblog once a week or so as the fancy hits. I liked the way you showed how the urge to express and passionate activities are universal..exhibited in different ways.

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        • No problem with that. Reblogging once a week is a good idea. Recently, I too thought of starting something like this, in a different format. Let’s see how it goes. Indeed, this urge to express as well as our inherent passion for certain issues is a universal phenomenon. Most people can relate to it.

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  5. Eloquently expressed. You write because in so doing your arms multiply a thousand times, to spread out and touch many lives out there. Keep writing, Alka, to allow an unlimited play for your ‘sweet tooth for words’…

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    • Thanks! You’ve pointed out the higher goal of writing. With our power to reach far and wide, writers can surely touch many lives. I do hope to do that in whatever little way I can, and in turn be inspired by work of others. Hence, even when doubt creeps in, I continue to write. With such unlimited play our dessert can become our main meal.

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  7. Wonderfully put why do we blog, yes you are spot on, blogging is way of life and our life has changed once we have learned the art of blogging. I agree where else we all wound have met and have such fascinating interactions and meaningful engagement, it has kept us alive in out thinking and in our way of communication.

    Very well said we our people living in the caves scripted their stories through their available means and on the hard rock canvas. So much true with each one of the artists, the life of a dancer to the life of a singer to the life of a writer, the passion is there and needs the space to express and connect. Nothing can be more profound than the power of expression…

    Thanks Alka for sharing such a lovely thoughts…

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    • Very well said. Blogging does make us an active thinker and communicator that too while getting to know like minded people. Like all other arts or even sciences, it may begin as an interest or wish to express but turns into passion .
      Thanks Nihar for your insight into this topic!

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      • Yes Alka, it all begins with an interest turns to a strong passion and slowly and certainly it becomes an obsession we don’t realize. Thinking needs external stimulates to get going and get growing, and blogging has provided that space and the place to make our thinking work, work collaboratively and work constantly. The zones of passive thinking was a culprit of stifling our creativity and with our exposure and experience in the blogging platform we are constantly pulled out of their creative inertia. It is wonderful combination both the art and the science.
        Always my pleasure reading such insightful posts.


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