As Proud As a Peacock – a flash fiction



Sheena’s Peacock

Listening to the zoo-keeper’s rant about leucistic white peacocks, Sheena stood looking at the strange bird pair.

She mentally speculated about the peculiar situation in what she saw.

She had read that peahens are charmed only by a peacock with perfectly long blue train that opens up in a vibrant fanfare of courtship dance.

“Does it mean this peahen had chosen an ordinary partner while ignoring the colorful charmers? Aww! Now that’s something”, amused Sheena smiled to herself.

And isn’t that love?”

I think I’m over imagining. May be I too am like that peahen’, she thought as she shrugged her shoulders.

Sheena had often wondered if she was normal in not being obsessed with rich handsome guys, like most of her age-mates were. Her friends considered her views retrograde but her argument was – looks are not forever and wealth has a way of coming along if it has to. Goodness and sincere love are difficult to come by.

Feeling content and proud of her unique views, Sheena walked towards the next animal couple of the zoo.

~~~ ~~~~

Leucism is a kind of genetic mutation – a condition in which there is partial loss of pigmentation in an animal or bird resulting in white, pale coloration of the skin, hair, feathers, scales or cuticle (Wikipedia)

This story is my response to the 40th challenge of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers held by Priceless Joy. Picture prompt by Sonya of Only 100 words.

In my hurry to write I didn’t see the picture carefully. These two are probably males and not a bird couple.

16 thoughts on “As Proud As a Peacock – a flash fiction

  1. Great story Alka! It has a lot of wisdom in it. Don’t choose a partner because of wealth or looks but for the goodness of their hearts and for love. I enjoyed reading your story! I’m happy that you were able to write a story for the prompt this week. 🙂

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  2. A nice take on the prompt. I’m sure peacocks have their own reasons for attraction to others , probably like all animals. Each have their own reasoning and humans do as well……Looks and wealth do not keep you happy . There usually has to be more to it than that to have a lasting relationship with someone. Honesty and trustworthy are at the top of my list.

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    • Thanks! Yes, other than female peacocks judging a male by his feathers, maybe there’s some other criteria known to them and probably it varies from one to the other. People who give too much importance to looks and money, continue to do so their whole life. Many girls and their mothers too see men in the role of a provider, so they equate money with happiness esp. if they have seen shortage of money at some stage. And you are spot on. Without mutual feelings of loyalty, a relationship has no meaning. At least it can’t be called love, only a compromise.


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