Tabby – the Tyre Man (a short story)


a tyre

Tabby – The Tyre Man

Tabby liked his small town. He liked its people. Well not really. But the thing he hated the most was, that each day after school he was made to sit in his father’s tyre shop. To sell tyres.

Day after day Tabby sat in this shop seeing nothing but black round rings of rubber all around him. They drove him mad. Truck tyres that he found as swarthy as toad. Emaciated and lean cycle tyres that stood hugging the midget scooter tyres. Tyre parts. Tyre pictures. And a strange odour of tyres wafting all around.

He found the buyers as boring as the product he was made to sell with a smile. The clients like highway truck drivers and transport company owners, who spoke in a strange street language, drove him nuts.

When he finished high school, he said to his father, “I want to be a lawyer

But son…our small town simple men hardly ever fight, and couples here don’t even take divorce. Maybe we need more doctors. Or good teachers!

Tabby didn’t fully agree with the first part.  But he couldn’t stand the sight of blood, so his being a doctor was out of question.

And teachers here are made to teach duds like me”, thought Tabby.

Nothing seemed to work, but still he was sure of one thing. That he didn’t want to spend his whole life selling tyres.

One fine evening, as his mind over-dwelt on this matter, he went to the river side. The quiet and the solitude seemed like a balm to his restless nerves.  He took off his shoes to get the feel of soft sandy soil under his feet.

Walking in shallow waters, his foot slipped. The mighty river pregnant with monsoon waters began to drift him towards the deeps. No one heard his fervent cries for help.

Tabby had lost all hopes when something hard struck his shoulder.  A big black tyre calmly floating towards the shores. He held on to it with all his might and prayed for his life. Till he was deposited safely on the river side.

Of course things changed after that day.

It was a matter of time before Tabby undertook all possible education associated with tyre-making, to become the biggest ever success story in tyre industry.

Gallop – A saviour of your life journey‘ – That’s his new tyre brand that adorns the bill-boards all around the country.

~~~ ~~~

I wrote my above story for Sunday Fiction. Thanks for reading!  Do give your feedback about my work.

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

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